September 2021

The Importance of Incorporating SEO into Your Content Strategy

September 16th, 2021|Blog, SEO|

Creating a new website is an exhilarating process. This is the stage wherein you take on color selection, logo design, main page design, and craft catchy lines for your content. However, this is just half the battle.  While having a beautiful design is paramount, the ultimate goal of a website is to perform at its best. To accomplish this, you'll need a content strategy capable of attracting, connecting with, and converting visitors. SEO is the process of obtaining free organic [...]

August 2021

How to Use Online Communities and Forums for Link Building

August 26th, 2021|Blog, SEO|

Forums and communities are an untapped area for link building. When you use these platforms for link building effectively, you can develop a healthy and diversified link profile. However, to find success in these areas, you must approach it the right way. But no worries. We’ve provided some tips to help you obtain positive results. Find Forums Relevant to Your Niche It is always crucial to market to the right audience. When you’re not able to determine your target [...]

July 2021

How You Can Build a Local SEO Strategy That Works

July 22nd, 2021|Blog, SEO|

You might think that you have a brick-and-mortar business in your city or town, that there’s no need for you to work on your online visibility. After all, you have walk-in customers, and these are people that live in your area, and they already know about your business.  The truth is, there’s much to be gained by building a local SEO strategy, especially for retail businesses. In this post, Fox Web Creations, experts in SEO in Kansas City, will tell [...]

February 2021

Why SEO Is Important for Your Business in 2021

February 25th, 2021|Blog, SEO|

Search engine optimization is vital when it comes to attracting customers to your brand’s website. With many businesses and consumers going fully remote, your online presence has become more critical than ever. You can leverage the internet’s influence to drive traffic to your website and encourage sales—which is why your digital marketing strategy should have a strong SEO arm. Why Is SEO Valuable?  SEO is continuously evolving due to changes in search engine algorithms and content trends in the [...]

January 2021

5 SEO Best Practices to Know and Master This 2021

January 20th, 2021|Blog, SEO|

In today's world, where almost every business is conducted online, searching engine optimization (SEO) is considered a necessity. A website cannot achieve access to its target audience without the right strategies in place because it won’t be found. But as SEO best practices are ever-changing, you must always be aware of the shifts that are happening so that you won’t fall far behind your competitors.  To help guide you in the right direction, here are five SEO best practices to [...]

October 2020

How SEO Works: What It Is and How It Can Help Your Website

October 6th, 2020|Blog, SEO|

When talking about marketing strategies that generate long-term success online, search engine optimization will always be part of the list. This marketing method optimizes a website to get organic, unpaid traffic via search engine results. If you are new to the concept but want to learn more about how it works, this article will answer two of the most important questions.  How SEO Marketing Works First, you need to understand how search engines work. Search engines want to provide [...]

August 2020

How Top-Rank SEO Will Best Benefit Your Business

August 27th, 2020|SEO, Blog|

Gone are the old days where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) posed itself as a tool that only big-name corporations fully utilized. Seeing that it is more accessible than ever, this data-driven field of digital marketing has become a tool that any business can use to succeed, scale, and grow at high rates. In the case of small companies, SEO is now a figure that is seen more as a necessity than a privilege. With economies becoming more digitally-driven, you can [...]

January 2020

3 SEO Trends For 2020 You Should Know

January 5th, 2020|SEO|

Like every year-end, it is time to analyze the predictions about what will happen to the search engines and the optimization for these in the following months. That's why we want to talk to you about the SEO trends for 2020 that you should know. Keep reading and take them into account in your plans. SEO Dynamics Every year we repeat how dynamic SEO is. The SEO optimization work varies constantly; this is mainly marked by changes in the [...]

April 2018

SEO Best Practice–Why Page Loading Speed Matters

April 15th, 2018|SEO, Kansas City Search Engine Optimization, Kansas City Web Site Marketing|

Most website managers who care about things like page conversions have at least heard that page speed matters, but they may not be able to say why that’s so. What do you think? We all can relate to a website that simply stalls before loading content, or in another typical scenario, experience content that loads painfully slow. Most of us agree that either experience is annoying. But beyond annoying web visitors, let’s find out what the real consequences [...]

March 2018

Five Effective Tips to Help You with Your Search Engine Optimization

March 15th, 2018|Kansas City Search Engine Optimization, SEO|

If you are an internet user, then you must have heard about SEO. Most websites owners need to entirely comprehend all aspects of Search Engine Optimization in order to bring more visitors to their website. Learning about SEO is not a one-time process, rather the topic keeps changing, and being up to date is very essential. Stay on your toes by checking from time to time what is new or trending on the internet. According to the best Kansas City [...]

November 2017

What Makes Local SEO Important for Small Businesses?

November 15th, 2017|SEO|

In 2017, local SEO has become extremely important for businesses earning huge revenues from the local markets where they operate. Despite this fact, many business owners fail to leverage localized optimization. At the local level, search optimization can help in engaging the neighboring community of your area with your online entity to produce more traffic. Using the latest Google algorithms, you can quickly identify relevant searches and find the best location-specific keywords for your business. If you are earning substantial [...]

August 2017

SEO for a New Website

August 21st, 2017|SEO|

When creating a new website, part of what makes it exciting is seeing the visitors and interactions. No matter how much awesome content you’ve got going on, if no one ever sees it - it's a waste. For optimizing SEO in Kansas City, it's best to reach out to a proven web developer who can help. Here are some factors to consider regarding SEO: Search engine-friendly content Different countries or regions have different search engines that are popular among [...]

January 2017

4 Techniques To Spruce Up Your SEO Efforts

January 27th, 2017|eCommerce, SEO|

The success of any online business relies on the efficacy of its SEO initiatives. It is key to getting your enterprise in front of the right audiences with the most impact. The number of users searching for similar products is increasing constantly, hence it is extremely critical to stay on top of the search results to boost your rankings. Organic SEO is the answer to all your ranking woes. However, you need to plan your campaign effectively to get [...]

March 2016

SEO Trends in 2016

March 1st, 2016|Kansas City Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, Responsive Web Design, SEO|

Top SEO Trends for 2016 SEO has changed significantly, largely due to constant modifications in search engine protocols. We've also learned the difference between keyword stuffing and organic material. Before, the goal wasn't readability so much as using phrases like "dentist New Mexico" as often as possible. Marketers were focused on content creation, optimization, and promotion, and not concerned with mobile devices and responsive design. SEO stays in a constant state of change, shifting seismically, leaving marketing teams [...]

December 2013

Google’s Hummingbird Update

December 9th, 2013|SEO|

It's been just under two months since Google replaced its existing algorithm with a new mathematical formula that determines where websites will appear on the results list. Unlike previous updates to the algorithm, this one was a complete revamp, which some people compared to dropping a new engine into an old car. For Google, Hummingbird represents a continuing dedication toward providing searchers with answers. This newest Google algorithm update also just so happens to coincide with the search engine's efforts [...]

August 2013

Link Building Vs. Content Marketing: Formulating Effective SEO Strategies for Your Business

August 20th, 2013|Marketing, SEO|

An ideally marketed web presence is mission-critical for any business, but many small – but growing – companies do not have the resources to hire an in-house search engine optimization (SEO) team to meet those needs. If your business is showing consistent growth, you need the help of a trusted Kansas City web design company that understands the current trends in SEO. Here is the dilemma: do you hire a company whose focus is on building links or one [...]

June 2013

Impacts of the New Google Penguin Update

June 18th, 2013|SEO|

Just when you think you know how to work with the Google Penguin search engine ranking, they change it up again. Penguin 2.0 is the latest addition in Google’s fight against black-hat marketing. But what does this update mean for bloggers and web designers like Fox Web Creations?The newest version is Google’s attempt to clean up internet searches and it promises to separate the authorities from the shady marketers. The most recent update took place on May 22, 2013, and [...]

February 2013

How to use Kansas City SEO Strategies in 2013

February 25th, 2013|SEO|

Search Engine Optimization is a proven and powerful method of driving a large amount of traffic to any website on the Internet. Kansas City SEO 2013 strategies, like new SEO strategies throughout the world, focus on driving traffic from the search engine results pages, or the "SERPs", and when traffic is delivered to a website by visitors searching for a related keyword phrase, the traffic can be very targeted with a very high conversion rate. Caffeine One of the Google [...]

November 2012

6 SEO Rules to follow (Penguin or Panda)

November 14th, 2012|SEO|

Rule #1: don't try to outsmart Google Face it: if your website was hit by Google's recent updates (Penguin or Panda), you used spam tactics to promote your website.The allegedly smart tools that offer a 'fully automated way to get your website on Google' aren't that smart. It's not possible to click a button and - BOOM - your website is on Google's first page. It is possible to exploit loopholes in Google's algorithm for some time. Websites that [...]

February 2010

Intro to Kansas City SEO

February 23rd, 2010|SEO|

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as industry professionals say, refers to improving the quantity or quality (or both) of traffic that is directed to a website through search engine results. SEO is a website marketing strategy that considers the algorithms that search engines use, as well as the phrases that web users incorporate into searches. By tweaking the text of a website’s content, the html content, or the tags associated with the website, Search Engine Optimization utilizes the content [...]

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