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Have you launched a shiny new website no one is visiting? That’s like hanging out your shop sign without building any roads to your shop! Our SEO and SEM services are about creating visibility on the Internet using content for search terms that resonate with your customers.

As a small business owner with a digital presence, the acronym “SEO” may be vital to the success of your commercial enterprise. SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization”, is a term used to describe how people find your website through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. For example, this page ranks high for the keywords “SEO Kansas City” so we can reach out to customers looking for affordable SEO services in our area. This strategy of website construction and internet marketing improves your ranking on search engine result pages in order to drive more traffic and more customers to your company website.

Search engines are a vital part of the purchasing process for users around the world. According to Forbes, 90% of purchases begin with customers checking online for reviews and other information. For your local business to remain competitive, you must have a strong web presence on the first page of search engine results. According to Hubspot, an SEO web publication, 75% of users never make it past the first page of search results, with 43% of users only clicking the first link. Think about how you use the internet – when you search for a product or business, do you click to page 2, or do you click the first results that appear? Optimizing your website for search engines can give you a huge boost to your web traffic and your revenue!

Search Engine Optimization combines the techniques of website design and backlink optimization to help users find your website’s information or products within your site. Web visitors from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo (organic search results), are just as important for your business as visitors who come from paid ads or offline referrals (paid search results). With your website on the top of search results pages, your brand will immediately gain a higher level of trust from prospective customers, as well as a great opportunity to sell your products and services.

Fox Web Creations can optimize your website to be search engine friendly with on-page optimization (meta tag composition, site map, semantic navigation, html optimization, keyword research) and off-page optimization (link building, link strategy, citations, local directory submissions, search engine submissions, press releases, article submissions, social bookmarking, social media marketing). With a well-optimized, user-friendly website for search engines, as well as a thriving community of other websites endorsing your company, you’ll have better SEO and a better page rank. Your business is missing out on customers if you don’t rank on the first page of search engines, and our Kansas City SEO services can help you get there.

Investment in SEO for your company goes a long way because ranking well in web searches is so important in today’s economy. Though there are lots of ways to generate web traffic, a skilled Search Engine Optimization team is often the most cost-effective choice for your business. Contact Fox Web Creations in Kansas City to give your website the search engine optimization it needs to boost your rank in local searches and bring your business more web traffic and more customers!


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