Blogs and Social Networking

In a burgeoning metropolis like Kansas City, you cannot afford to lose customers based on a weak first impression. Today’s first impressions are not given to a storefront or even through word-of-mouth – they come from your website design, blogs and social networking.

According to MarketWatch, over 60% of consumers find new businesses through search engines, not through recommendations of friends. This means that your landing page has the ability to be the number one purveyor of business for your company if it is properly designed and managed. Fox Web Creations has the ability to give you the web design aesthetic and organization that can improve your chances for success in a constantly more competitive Kansas City.

The Kansas City Marketing Blog That Will Change Your Business Life

Instead of using a general WordPress for a business template, you can have an optimized web design presence that will integrate seamlessly into your social media pages. Your sales funnel will be streamlined down to the click so that your potential customers will have no opportunity to become lost or confused during your sales process. General templates, even those from WordPress, do not set your business apart from the ever-growing number of companies that are finding their way online. In fact, you never know how many other companies are using the same template. There is nothing worse for a customer than to find the same site design used on two different websites. It lowers the value of both websites in the eyes of the consumer. That consumer is likely to go to a website that is more original than to try to determine the better of the two generic websites.

Our Skills
Blog Web Design 90%
Content Writing 95%
Content Publishing 98%
Social Sharing 95%

Attachment to Social Media

Eight out of 10 online customers believe that any customer service queries they make on Facebook should be answered by a company. Only one out of every four businesses actually does this. Thinking about these statistics, it is not difficult to determine why most companies fail in their first five years.

The web design that we offer will automatically attach your landing page to your social media pages for easier access to your customer base. You will be able to monitor their behavior as well as their complaints and immediately respond so that bad news does not move beyond the original post. You will also be able to build up goodwill in your audience, cultivating a loyal customer base instead of having to re-market to the same consumers over and over again. Many experts have found that a 5% rise in loyal customers can equal anywhere from 70 to 100% increases in revenue. Our web design is specifically made to engender this kind of goodwill.

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to the next level. We look forward to providing you with a modern, streamlined, fully optimized website that can serve as your first impression for many years into the future.