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screen_splashFox Web Creations has a design team full of development geniuses, product wizards, and design masterminds. If you want to develop an app for the Google play store, we have the best Android app developers in Kansas City. We can also help with iPhone app development in Kansas City as well. Essentially, if you want great mobile app development for Kansas City and the world beyond, you want Fox Web Creations! Our passion is building successful apps. We pride ourselves on creating mobile apps for Kansas City and beyond that people will use, that will make money, and can even top the app charts.

We know how to make mobile apps in Kansas City that will be used the world over. There are over three million apps available for use in the Apple and Google play stores. Our work stands out from the rest. We build the sort of apps for your business that people will want move right to their home screen. We know what your users want, and can work with you to build apps that will matter to your customers.

Fox Web Creations specializes in building businesses up online. We are mobile app developers from Kansas City that will build mobile apps that can make you money. We will develop your iPhone apps to make sure the Apple App store will publish and feature your app. No matter what the app idea, whether you want to develop a free app or a paid app, an app available in multiple countries or different languages – we can help you make your dream a reality.

main__screenWe love coming up with new ideas and are dedicated to making sure our team works alongside the best creative minds. In fact, we love the business so much so that we founded our company in the best place for mobile app developers: Kansas City. We don’t think of ourselves as just a mere vendor. We believe that companies hire us not just to be Android app developers or iPhone app developers, but to be technology and business development partners. We’re not an ad agency. We work together with every one of our clients to help them build compelling mobile products that will provide lasting engagement and value to your customer base. Our skill as Kansas City mobile app developers means we bring our understanding of iPhone, Android and other mobile and web based technology skills to work for you. Our experience helps us provide you with a level of expertise for your mobile enterprises like nobody else. We can build products that will scale to your business’ particular needs, no matter how small or how large they may become over time.

When you choose Fox Web Creations as your Kansas City mobile apps development company to help launch your cutting-edge solutions we will focus on promoting your brand and engaging your clients. We will offer our skilled User Interface design team to help you quickly prototype a unique app, whether it’s Android app development or iPhone app development work, we’ll have you covered. We can help you create apps that can enhance sales efforts, stream content, send out push notifications, and more. Our Android app development team also strives to exhibit excellence in building mobile apps and will do all they can to out-perform the competition and help you on every step of the way. You will have 100 percent control over your apps with no programming required from you.

googlestoreWe know that an app isn’t just about functionality, it’s also about people. We will combine our skills in marketing, usability, design and technical programming to create an unparalleled experience for your mobile app user. Our developers use native code to create your mobile applications to provide the greatest flexibility later on, and to add robust features and make any modifications you need. The possibilities are nearly endless when you choose to work with us.

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As of February 2012 over 49% of the U.S. Mobile market are using smartphones capable of Internet browsing. As the mobile web design in Kansas city industry grows at incredible rates, it is important to consider RWD with your web site to keep an edge in your market. RWD is a key component to keep your website easily viewable as the number and specifications of smartphones and tablets increase in the Mobile market.
There are many professional websites online now that utilize Responsive Web Design. The technology has been gaining in popularity in recent years for it’s ease of use on smaller devices. RWD is probably best understood if you visit the same RWD site on all of your different devices. This will show you how RWD technology is an innovative way to keep web visitors engaged regardless of the screen size or resolution. You can test this yourself with any of the following websites:

Jack Daniel’s




Clear Air Challenge


We get a lot of calls from potential clients who feel like they need a mobile application for their current website. At Fox Web Creations we believe that it is extremely important to have a mobile web strategy. The issue is that Mobile Applications can only be utilized on certain platforms and operating systems (for example Android vs. iOS). That means that the programmer would need to create a different code for each operating system which increases the time line for the project as well as overall costs. Responsive Web Design, on the other hand, uses programming that will be viewable on all devices regardless of operating system and screen size, saving time and money.
If there is a down side to RWD, it is only that it takes more time than traditional web design and is therefore more expensive. Layout planning requires more thought—elements like the amount of text and the simplicity of navigation must be considered—and the final product must honor the ergonomic limits of what our eyes are comfortable seeing. Testing efforts are also heightened, with constant check-ins to ensure that responsive sites function as intended. For clients, this means higher costs and longer lead times up front.
Responsive Web Design is a good investment for the future of your website. To ensure that your website will look good on current devices in the market as well as devices that don’t yet exist, RWD is highly recommended as a safeguard for the integrity of your website. At Fox Web Creations, we strive to provide our clients with the most innovative technologies available. Please leave us a comment below or contact us for a free quote. We’d love to help you with your next Responsive Web Design project.

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