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Customers are always right, at least when it comes to e-commerce where customer preference is used to enhance the shoppers’ journey, which aids the decision-making process. We formulate the best design mix to ensure your website is well curated and personalized with the right chatbots, customized questionnaires, and guides, delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Just like when a customer enters a grocery store and grabs a cart, a ‘shopping cart’ should be provided to visitors on your website.

A shopping cart provides your customer with a place to hold the items that they want to purchase so they can continue shopping, as well as making checking out and paying for those items easy and hassle free. Fox Web Creations works with other companies like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover to make sure all payments are made promptly and accurately into your accounts, so you can focus on the most important job of all — running your business!

E-Commerce Shopping Cart - ecommerce website design in Kansas City
Yes! Online Shopping and eCommerce technology have become extremely important to the internet business world, and their importance will only continue to increase. Recent sales figures demonstrate the importance of having a solution for consumers making purchases through a company’s website. eCommerce technology has become so important because the Internet can level the playing field between small and larger, more established business competitors. On the web, size doesn’t matter—even if a small store’s giant competitor has a store in every mall in America, it takes consumers the same number of mouse clicks to find both of their online stores.

Depending on the nature of your site, your check out and shopping cart area can be a valuable place to showcase your products and increase your online sales locally, nationally, and even internationally! Whether it’s a discounted service or a sale price on a regularly priced item that complements an existing item in their cart, this is a valuable place to make an additional sale or boost customer loyalty. You can also have your customers sign up for regular newsletters and sale notifications on this page to encourage repeat business. A Shopping Cart is a vital part of your e-commerce site, and is not something that should be treated as an afterthought!

Fox Web Creations specializes in much more than eCommerce: they can also help with the Marketing that goes along with it. Fox Web Creations is your resource for all of your business needs—from design and programming, to Marketing Strategies and Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Research has shown that SEO marketing is crucial to the success of eCommerce website design in Kansas City, which is why Fox Web Creations recommends an aggressive SEO marketing campaign to accompany any eCommerce solutions. There’s no point in having an excellent eCommerce solution if no one can find you. Since search engines are becoming the primary way consumers find products it is very important to optimize any eCommerce system to ensure maximum return on investment!

Fox Web Creations will work with you to ensure an easy to use interface for your customers, a reliable back end process that will secure orders, and a professional appearance to further entice visitors to browse and purchase your goods. These solutions combined with SEO Marketing will maximize sales and web traffic!


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