E-marketing and Email Campaigns


Email marketing is one of the best ways to build a profitable revenue stream and business assets for your company. Email marketing works through building a list of prospects and customers who are interested in your content and products and then creating promotions to sell your products and services. However, it is not as straightforward as it sounds. Email marketing can be very complex as you will have to deal with everything from spam filters, delivery issues, and campaign optimization.

Fox Web Creations is a web design and marketing firm that has been helping clients with email marketing in Kansas City. We can help you create email marketing campaigns that can stand alone as a dependable revenue stream, support your existing marketing efforts, and build a brand for your business. Most businesses understand that email marketing can be profitable but have no clue as to how to build campaigns that deliver results.

One of the many things Fox Web Creations does is to help you create an effective email lead page. The first mistake that many businesses have is not creating an email lead page that’s enticing to the visitor. It’s not enough to set up a regular email form on a website. A good capture page consists of great copy, precise design, and a powerful incentive to submit the visitor’s contact information. Then, we help create a follow up campaign to build a relationship with your audience. A follow up campaign is important because it speeds up the process of building a relationship through a combination of delivering value and making the right promotional offers. It also familiarizes your audience with who you are and what they should be expecting from you in the future.

Our Skills
Email Marketing 98%
Newsletter Design 95%
Email Tracking 96%
Campaign Management 95%


Finally, we’ll help you build and manage a newsletter so that you can deliver value to your prospects and customers on a regular basis. Fox Web Creations will help you create content and help you craft promotional emails that result in sales. It’s important to note that we use a balance of sending value and promotion driven emails. We understand that over inundating your email subscribers with promotions can backfire and hurt your email marketing efforts. That’s why we use various factors to determine the ideal mix of emails and frequency.

Because Fox Web Creations is more than a simple Kansas City email marketing firm, we can help you integrate email marketing with your existing efforts. One good example is establishing email to RSS to assist in adding posts to your blog. Another example is setting up product launches by combining email and other marketing mediums like social media. This can help you create buzz around a newly released product and give you momentum to scale into other campaigns.

So put your email marketing in our hands whether you need assistance in optimizing an email promotion, setting up email lead pages, or creating email multi-step campaigns to turn prospects into customers. Fox Web Creations is a leader in digital marketing and can take your online presence to the next level.