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We understand that you not only need an expert web developer but also a savvy marketing partner that you can work to materialize desired outcomes. That’s why we specialize in Search Engine Marketing for SMBs. We provide collaboration to develop and manage campaigns, offering on-going support either ad-hoc or on retainer, depending on your company’s needs.

The internet has changed the face of marketing. We have come a long way from advertisements in the local newspaper, radio or on billboards around town; now local or national companies can target specific groups of consumers who are already interested in their products- whether in a local, regional, or national area. This targeted and direct marketing is made easy with available internet resources.

Marketing now means that you can reach out to your consumers and interact with them on a more personal level, tailor services and options to them, and create a group of loyal and satisfied customers who will return to you again and again through your easy to use, eye-catching website.

By utilizing the internet and the tools the web makes available to you, you can help your business grow and increase your customer base. Options like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (PPC), Email Marketing, Interactive Press Releases and Articles, and Social Media Marketing can make your business more visible and approachable.

With our Web Analytics System, you can track visitors and their action on your web pages; you can also see where they are coming from and what keywords they typed to find you. This tool can help you adjust and fine-tune your keywords and phrases to open up a whole new world of opportunity for your business.

It becomes clearer every day that internet marketing is the growing wave of the future, and those who learn to adapt and grow along with it are going to achieve better results and revenues at a lower cost to themselves.

Search Engine Optimization - Kansas City Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of your website on the search engines most commonly used by consumers. The goal of this process is to move your company up the search ranks and onto the first page. Most searchers will refine their results rather than searching deeper in than the first few pages; thus, the higher up you are, the more likely people will find and visit your site.

This process is achieved by, first, indexing your site with the search engines and then utilizing the best possible keyword searches. You can also increase your search ranking by cross-indexing links both inside and outside your site to increase your visibility to the search engines.

Fox Web Creations has a fine-tuned strategy to move your page up the search ranks. We have an experienced staff of professionals who will devote themselves to increasing your visibility and bringing leads into your website. Being local to the Kansas City marketing area, we have a unique view of how to advance your advertising in order to reach your target market.

Pay per Click - Kansas City Marketing

With traditional advertising methods becoming more and more expensive in our currently shifting economic waters; the internet is an excellent option for businesses. When comparing the internet with traditional marketing in Kansas City, like television or newspaper, you will find that internet marketing allows your business to reach self-defined and targeted consumers, thus saving you additional costs.

With internet marketing you have the option of tailoring your choices to your advertising budget: you can pay-per-impression, pay-per-click, or even just pay-per-action. This way you can choose the options that will work best for your business.

Here at Fox Web Creations, we understand how valuable properly executed internet marketing can be for your business, and with options like pay-per-click and search engine advertising, we can modify the available options to suit your needs and your budget.

Email Marketing - Kansas City Marketing

Email marketing is a helpful and powerful tool that allows you to reach out to your customers. You create eye-catching and intriguing content which is then delivered directly to your customers’ inbox. This allows you not only to stay in contact with your customers, but also to contact them again with additional information or draw them back for repeat business.

You are keeping yourself at the forefront of their minds so that the next time they need your service or product, you are who they will come to.


Interactive Press Releases and Articles - Kansas City Marketing

The interactive press release is an important tool for your SEO process. We will assist you in creating these short, linkable releases filled with keyword-rich text, which allow your webpage to soar up the search ranks. Having a cluster of related search parameters in one place can give your business a remarkable boost in natural (organic) SEO results, thereby increasing your profits.

The content will be released in a variety of ways, including: RSS feeds, Yahoo or Google news, chosen social networking sites, and any related press outlets. In this way you can reach the widest possible audience, and possibly even get picked up by a larger media outlet.

This is a rapidly growing field of opportunity in the online marketing world. By allowing Fox Web Creations “Kansas City Marketing & Web Design” assist you in writing a short, content-rich article which we then distribute to online news outlets, you are able to target a vast group of people and raise your search ranking naturally. With the growing throng of news feeds, interest blogs, and individual online news outlets, you can spread the word like never before.

Web Analytics - Kansas City Marketing

Web tracking and analytics gives you the advantage of being able to analyze the traffic on your site, as well as seeing how people arrive. This includes the keywords and search phrases they used to find you and a record of which pages are most visited. You will also be able to review what pages tend to prompt customers to purchase your product.

Having this information at your fingertips allows you to adjust your site keywords and enhance your other pages with the functionality that draw people in the most. This can result in increased revenue for your business.

Experience is key in understanding all the analytical data that you have available on the internet now. With the help of Fox Web Creations, you will be able to easily learn how to interpret your results and then apply that knowledge into new profits for your website. This is one of the best tools you can put into your website to learn about your customers. With this data at your fingertips, you can market the right products and services to your target customers.

Social Media Marketing - Kansas City Marketing

In many cases, what draws people into your website is a social networking page. These sites, created to allow people to form online communities, are often used by consumers to discuss which products to purchase. Fox Web Creations can help you understand and enlist this vast network of opportunities and use them to your advantage.

This can give your business an opportunity to be immediately available to people talking about your services. In addition, other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook allow you to send out advertising ‘blasts’ to your customers, letting them know about special opportunities, promotions, or deals.

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