Digital Signage

Dynamic digital signage is a natural extension of web media that can provide attention-grabbing communications for all types of businesses. Digital signage also offers businesses an efficient alternative to print media by more precisely targeting an audience with unique messages at the most opportune moment. Digital signage can give your business an edge by communicating big, bright, timely, and dynamic messages at locations where your customers, visitors or staff take notice.


When integrated properly into your communications mix, digital signage can be a highly effective medium. For retail applications, digital signage can reach its audience at the point of decision, when a customer is choosing between competing brands on the shelf or seeking the latest promotions. In corporate communication applications, digital signage can effectively offer the latest company news and event schedules near elevators, cafeterias, and lobbies. Fox Web Creations offers expert digital signage integration, from simple single-screen configurations to vast multiscreen and video wall applications.
Because digital signage is an extension of web technologies, we are equipped with skilled staff to bring both technology and marketing together to meet and exceed your business objectives. Here are a few of the applications that Fox Web Creations can implement for your business using digital signage:
  • Advertising Channel
  • Building Aesthetics (dynamic art walls)
  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate / Manufacturing Plant Real-Time Data Integration
  • Guest-facing Communication
  • Infotainment Channel
  • Interactive Media
  • Loyalty Program Integration
  • Social Media Feeds / Interactive
  • Syndicated Media Feeds.

Digital signage is certainly worth considering, and to make it totally painless to consider, Fox Web Creations offers 30 minutes of no-obligation consulting to help you decide if it has value for your business. Contact us today to see if digital signage is a good fit for your business!