When creating a new website, part of what makes it exciting is seeing the visitors and interactions. No matter how much awesome content you’ve got going on, if no one ever sees it – it’s a waste. For optimizing SEO in Kansas City, it’s best to reach out to a proven web developer who can help. Here are some factors to consider regarding SEO:

Search engine-friendly content

Different countries or regions have different search engines that are popular among its users. It varies by language and by domain – such as a scholarly search versus a patent search.

No matter which search engines you want to optimize for, best practices must be followed. You can check if your website content is accessible to search engines using several tools which can scan the content and ensure that:

  • There are no broken links or pages
  • There are no pages without content
  • There is no duplicate content
  • You should also make sure that search engine crawlers can get to all the content.


Google considers page loading speed as a ranking factor. If you are not much for technical stuff you can hire a web developer to help with this and other things related to SEO in Kansas City. You can also use tools to check loading speed like Google PageSpeed Insights.

Ease of Use

Sometimes small design features or navigation options may handicap your site. It could be hampering the functionality for the user, or it could be hiding content or some features of your site. It could also just be turning the user off of your site.

There are tools which can analyze your site’s usability, and based on the results you get from the tools you can tweak and improve your site.


When you start a new website, it is important to get the word out to, if not all, then as many of the users you are targeting as possible. Some ways of doing this are:

Press Releases

  • Social Media Outreach by you and your supporters/friends
  • Words from an influencer on any media forum
  • Any inbound links
  • Keywords/Metas

Have a single primary keyword that directly relates to your topic and then other secondary keywords that are a subset. Pick keywords that are popular using any of the available tools, such as Google adwords. Decide on your keywords and use them in your content but stop before you get to the point of keyword stuffing. Always keep an eye on your keyword density.

Take the time to give a detailed meta description for each page that focuses on the primary keyword. Webpages with good meta descriptions attract interest, curiosity and clicks.

If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry, you can learn this stuff over time and you can always hire a web developer to assist you.