Stream Your Gaming Sessions Like A Pro with Twitch

Ask any gamer- newbie or seasoned whether they dream of streaming their sessions on social media, and many might successfully have started their own channels or handles where followers have started to stack up. However, social media giants tend to recognize only the big ones, where first movers post a huge lead over others, and the ones who start late are filtered out and obscured from public view.

As more and more gamers came online, and started their sessions, so did many platforms offering streaming services. However, no platform made it as big as the Twitch TV, which offers exclusive entertainment in e-sports, many notches higher than Xbox or Play station. BUT, why would people want to watch other people play video games and stream their sessions online? Because a simple psychological phenomenon called entertainment guides the pack to watch players performing at levels what the crowd can only wish to be. After all, it’s is plain entertainment.

Twitch: An Introduction

To put matters into perspective, Twitch has nearly 100 million registered users viewing more than 25,000 active Twitch channels. This number game is literally mind boggling if you put into account the ratio of channels to viewers, and the fact that Twitch TV allows all of its users to open a channel and stream their content all around the globe. The uninterrupted, and influential role Twitch TV serves in binding the streamers and viewers has prompted many people to start their own Twitch channels and stream their gaming sessions for greater response than other social media platforms.

However, when it comes to reach, one cannot compare all channels in the same weight. As always, the golden egg goes to the person with the best marketing campaign, Twitch too provides the most numbers to the ones who put in the maximum effort to stand out in a crowd. To join the elite club of streamers who can make it big, there are a few disciplines required to be mastered, and few tools required to be used.

Twitch Banner:

To get a 16: 9 aspect ratio, the most preferred size for banners is 1980 × 480 pixels, which is great for full monitors as well as for High Definitions. Also do keep in mind that Twitch recommends a 900 × 480 pixel banner as the minimum, which though works just fine on HD displays, but the banner quality drops on full monitors.

The Twitch Banner is the perfect place to let your imaginations run wild, and play with logos, colors, images, texts and many other such resources to create a perfect banner which describes the content of your channel. To make the first impression a lasting one, you should focus on crafting a catchy banner which would help you to stand out in any crowd. It should also be noted that the banner must not feel weird or alien to the content which you’d be streaming or alien to the perceptions of your target audience. After all, it is a channel which should entertain the masses, not spook them into abandoning the channel to ruins.

It is highly advisable that the Twitch Banner does justice to the whole team, and not focus on the individuality. Individual performances are important, sure, but not at the cost of the greater dividends the team could reap if properly put through.

Designing the Twitch Channel:

Our Twitch Banner and the Profile Picture play a big role in drawing the audience; the better you stand out with your channel, the easier it would be to promote your content. Some of our graphics which can be used for Twitch Channels include Twitch Video Player Banner, whose size is generally set around 1920 × 1080 pixels; the Twitch Webcam Slot around 1280 × 720 pixels, the Twitch Panel Size around 640 × 640 pixels; and the Twitch Overlay Size around 1920 × 1080 pixels.

If all these freak you out, then you are perhaps not the only one to be freaked out by all these. It is quite normal to not hold a degree or diploma in graphics designing, and hence be lost in the vast world of resources. However, we at foxwebcreations have brought some tools to aid users build their profile from scratch without much hassle. You can use our graphic design expert who’d guide you through your journey of setting up a Twitch channel, and finally design the whole layout. Another tool is the Canva, which can be accessed by opening up an account, and going through the various resources in forms of templates.

These tools of foxwebcreations would provide you with unlimited revisions till the desired level of satisfaction are reached. However, by letting your imaginations run wild, should not mean the channel would appear completely cut off from your streaming content. Everything from the choice of colors, images, texts, fonts, etc. should be in line with the team and the content desired to be streamed.

Revise the Twitch Offline Banner:

Changing the Twitch offline banner is quite simple than every other step of customizing the channel into completion. Just log on to the channel; navigate your way to the settings arena, visit the channels and videos button on the top of the page. Once you reach there, select the choose file option inside page design menu. You would be greeted with an option to choose an image file of your choice and upload which you might want to use as the Twitch offline banner.

After you complete the selection, drag the image into place, customize it according to your taste and hit save. The image would get uploaded to your Twitch channel as your Twitch banner.

In a Nutshell:

Twitch has become the go to video streaming and sharing platform for all kinds of users, but mostly gamers, as they look forward to stream their sessions to entertain other users, and shore up followers big time. However, relying only on content would not get you anywhere anytime soon, as you would need to indulge in an aggressive campaign across all other social media platform for maximum reach.