logos on bottlecaps

A logo is an essential—if not the most essential—element of your company’s branding. It will appear on everything, from ads to marketing campaigns and more. It can help people remember your brand, set you apart from your competition, and encourage brand loyalty.

In this post, we’ll look at the seven kinds of logos and point out the benefits and drawbacks of each one to help you develop the best possible logo design for your business.

Emblem Logos

Emblem logos consist of text, symbols, or pictures within a geometric form. Seals, badges, stamps, and crests are all examples. This type of logo, used mainly by government offices and prominent schools, can offer a classic and professional feel. Scalability, however, can be an issue because of the many details. Scaling them down may not look good.

Pictorial Mark Logo

This logo design can be suitable for sharing an important message with your customers without using words. It only uses a specific icon or image. However, it might not be as effective if your business is still new and doesn’t have a solid customer base yet.


This type of logo is the most simple but can be the most powerful. It only features your company’s name—all you have to do is choose a font style and color. Some even develop their own typeface. It can make a whole new identity for your brand and help it stand out from the rest. However, this might not work for companies with long names. Also, font design trends change over time, so you might have to update it at one point.

Letter Marks

If you want to shorten your company’s name to an abbreviation, letter marks are a great option. It’s similar to a wordmarks logo but with fewer letters and possibly a more appealing design. This logo design will work nicely with long-named businesses but might easily mislead a startup’s audience.

Abstract Logo

This logo is an abstract geometric form that symbolizes your company and the overall message and branding you want to convey. If you wish your business to stand out and be instantly identifiable, having this logo is a fantastic approach. It’s also adaptable when it comes to merchandising and campaign advertisements. However, for this to be effective, you must first establish a reputation.

Mascot Logos

As the name suggests, Mascot logos include a picture of a person or a personified non-human entity. This logo will be ideal for families and children because it takes a lighthearted and welcoming vibe. Many sports teams also use this kind of logo. Using it in a serious and professional message, however, may be a challenge.

Combination Logos

This logo is just a combination of several logotypes. You may use an abstract design with a wordmark or a mascot within an emblem—whatever works best for you! This sort of logo is flexible to future modifications, but it might be overkill to your visual identity if done incorrectly.


When designing various choices for your brand’s logo, try showing them to a few individuals to see how they react. It will help you identify which ones are effective. Moreover, while creating a logo can be a fun and creative experience, it will allow you to consider your brand’s fundamental values; this is how people will remember your company.

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