The most successful brands in the industry are distinguishable just by their logo. This is how to sizeably measure a business’ success—when the general populace immediately recognizes the brand only by looking at the logo!

More than just a distinct, business-owned stamp, a logo speaks volumes about the brand’s identity. Whether it portrays the brand’s corporate colors, style direction, and aesthetics, it is essential to pay attention to the logo to help streamline a business’ branding efforts.

Here are five logo design trends to help you find your true brand representation:


Minimalism is still the number one design trend coming into 2021. The most recognizable logo designs in the world are built upon the fundamental principles of minimalist design: the fewer the elements in the field, the better!

The Minimalist Approach to design teaches us to make every element count. Make every element represent the brand in the most authentic way possible—or don’t include it at all.  Minimalism is a champion of high usability and style uniqueness.

The brain is quicker to absorb minimal logos, which may, in turn, convert to quick recognizability for consumers.

Chaos Design

Turning away from the essentialist, simplistic approach of minimalism, chaos design is signified by complex composition and loud color principles. A good logo designer is capable of creating and making this unique system work for the brand and its audience.

Chaotic logos play off of a particular kind of artistry that easily attracts attention—but the goal is always to settle into some form of visual balance for the audience to absorb the chaos. This type of design may be represented by asymmetry, geometric shapes, twisted letters, and it may even work in combination with other forms of logo design, such as minimalism. The fusion of chaos into other design trends fulfills such a high level of the brand’s creative expression!

Chaos design easily attracts the audience’s attention, and its uniqueness and fulfillment of the brand’s representation will make them absorb and remember it.

Brand-Exclusive Font Logo

Sometimes, all you need is your brand written across in a unique, captivating font as a logo. It works for so many outstanding world-renowned brands in the world.

The creative direction in unique fonts is in how to transform standard-library fonts into something that stands for the company’s authenticity. Even the smallest alterations can give the font the attitude it needs to portray as the brand’s representation. 

Text Deconstruction

If fonts aren’t your cup of tea, how about destroying it? In today’s creative market, you may find yourself staring at a unique logo—only to realize it is the brand’s name morphed into some visually pleasing form.

It is the highest form of creative expression and individuality. This practice targets the erasure, transformation, or obscuration of the brand text. Essentially, the text is being destroyed in an artistic way to represent the brand’s identity. The representation comes from the morphing process itself or in the end result of the logo.

Deconstructed text elicits very specific feelings, depending on the method being used. If the goal is to associate the brand with a particular feeling or notion, it is best to apply text deconstruction in the logo’s creative conceptualization.

Gradient Design

Color Transition is one of the oldest, most recognizable design styles. Starting from ancient art’s attempt to imitate the sky at sunrise or sunset, humanity has deployed gradients in art’s everyday applications.

Gradients are an effective way to update a brand’s identity and colors in 2021. Aside from its immediate stand-out potential, you may also elicit some form of 3D effect with the color. It’s the best way to incorporate or update the company’s color into the logo.

A refreshing and modern take on your logo design this 2021 is to use contemporary counterparts of your corporate colors for a soft gradient of your logo.


Customer brand retention is one of the key signifiers of a business’s profitability. This retention is best achieved by using an effective, highly creative, and brand-authentic logo to represent the company and its products. Choose among the aforementioned design styles to keep up with the growing competitive market in 2021.

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