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Logos convey the essence of your brand. They resonate with your existing and prospective customers, clad in a simple yet effective design. Unfortunately, arriving at the right logo can be difficult. The very essence of it may not be always right, causing you to pour budget down the drain. They need to be timeless and distinct, with no standard template to be followed. 

More often than not, such mistakes happen due to the misconceptions and myths shrouding logos. It also depends on the team involved, including business decisions that encompass time, money, client briefs, and other specific needs.

Simply put, a logo must rely on brand identity. Given the current marketing trends, however, logo design has now become a matter of mainstream. Logos have now been reduced to nothing but traded designs and misconceptions, leaving many brands with less than ideal designs to work with.

To help you come up with the right one that delivers, we’ve gathered three of the most prevalent logo myths believed today. It’s time to stop believing in them:

Myth #1: Your logo needs to include every element known to your brand

All logos are expected to have meaning behind them, as your customers need to be able to associate them with your brand. You’ll want to play with various silhouettes and icons, as well as fonts that may contribute to your brand identity. However, most business owners end up committing a fatal mistake—believing that logos entail everything. 

Your logo isn’t a recipe—it should be simple and easily remembered, a kind of symbol that leaves room for cognitive functions. You’ll want it to be brief and concise, with just the right amount of spice to be memorable. 

Myth #2: Your logo doesn’t require much effort 

What’s so hard about coming up with an aesthetically pleasing and effective visual graphic? Well, everything! Logos are more than just pretty pictures, as they need to hold meaning that will contribute to the overall success of the company. Finished products, no matter what it may be, need to be packed full of research, structures, trial and error sessions, and so much more. 

The most successful logos are only so because of the principles behind them, which take time, dedication, and skill. You’ll need the right amount of creativity and innovation, turned into a feasible idea that provides results. 

Myth #3: Your logo can be done by anyone, so long as they know Photoshop

One of the most prevalent misconceptions lies with the very tools that create the most compelling logos of our time. Unfortunately, most people assume that logos can be done so long as you can work your way through photoshop. Logos need to address font copyrights and authenticity of design, however, making it a complex product.

It’s much more than just choosing cute fonts and plastering on the name of the brand. Design is something that never comes easy, which is why designers need the right experience, training, and skill to produce things that deliver results. 

Work With the Best Kansas City Logo Designers

All myths surrounding design must be addressed carefully, especially since these misconceptions can potentially hurt businesses. Logo design comes with rules and a need for creativity, one that cannot simply be produced by those who do not come from the field. For this reason, proceed carefully. Keep these logo myths and mind and remember—you’ll need the help of professionals!

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