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Wix Web Designers

Starting in 2019, we are adding Wix web design and web development platform to our designers’ toolbox. Of course, we will continue to develop beautiful custom websites with open-source platforms too, such as WordPress, etc. But with development costs down, configuration times minimized, and fully integrated apps that work right out of the box, we are pleased to offer our clients the Essential Website using a Wix design template of your choice, starting at only $995 plus hosting [...]


Whether you want to hire an in-house web developer or outsource these services to a firm, there. are numerous advantages on either side However, there are reasons outsourcing to Kansas City web designers is a better option. Here are the advantages: Saving Costs You will save about 20% if you decide to delegate your web development remotely - less compared to hiring an in-house developer. Of course the firms to outsource to have their own range of pricing but [...]

August 1st, 2018|Kansas City|

Five Practical Tips on How to Expand Your Business with SEO

Today, more and more small businesses understand the importance of SEO in Kansas City or Search Engine Optimization. Even if that is the case, confusion is yet to be cleared about this venture. There are tricks in the trade for those who will not be careful. SEO is not something you can DIY. This is true even for start-up businesses. This means that there will always be a need to employ the help of a consultant for this to [...]

January 11th, 2018|Kansas City, Web Design|

Tools That Top Internet Marketers Use in Their Campaigns

The issue of online marketing is crucial to any person who is involved in selling their products on the internet.The people who realize good results have some advanced tools that they employ to ensure that they drive targeted traffic to their websites. The tools can help you check on some things like how well your site allows you to communicate with your clients, your website’s health and also helps you to keep track on the traffic you attract on your [...]

Four Web Design Practices for the Best Results

For a long time, we have been encouraged to think outside the box, break new grounds, and be creative. Doing so ensures that we break from the norm and create new things. However, following this rule in some cases might be counterproductive. When designing your website, you would be concerned with delivering a unique appearance that sets you apart from the millions of websites present on the web space. Nonetheless, there are general best practices that you must follow. [...]

October 5th, 2017|Kansas City, Web Design|

Why Hire a Website Development Company?

Individual professionals began to design websites because they enjoyed the process of coding and creative designing. However, with the growing demand for website development, they started thinking about money instead of quality. They don’t have the necessary equipment, expertise, and opportunity to explore and improve the code and images. As a result, most people choose a local website development company over part-time professionals and remote developers. It is an accepted fact that website development in Kansas City is best [...]

September 26th, 2017|Kansas City, Web Design|

User-Friendly Web Development – Connect to Your Clients On the Go

You can’t expect to survive in the contemporary world without being constantly connected to your audience. Attention spans are short, and you need to keep your clients constantly engaged with new ways of marketing your content. Hence, opting for Kansas City web development services could greatly improve your business. Web Development on Mobile & Desktop - Essential to Your Business Regardless of your business niche, the web is the way to go. In 2016, roughly three-quarters of Americans are smartphone [...]

July 27th, 2017|Kansas City|

5 Top Features Required In an Effective Website Design

If your website isn’t converting, you should know about the factors that are holding it back. It is essential to own a website which is at a level with industry standards. Audiences are influenced by stunning design and functional elements. Most importantly, these elements should work together in perfect harmony to offer seamless experiences to the users. A Kansas City website design agency can offer you customized solutions containing features without which, your website would end up lost in the [...]

How Techorating Can Help Differentiate Your Brand

Kansas City Country Club Plaza - PHOTO CREDIT-© Wallaceweeks | Dreamstime.com Art moves us, inspires us, and motivates us to think, act, and maybe even change our perspective. That’s why Fox Web Creations is delighted to be situated near Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza district, where art and artist are so plentiful, that with a bit of imagination, one could sense what Paris’ Montmartre may have been like in its heyday. After all, name me a Kansas [...]

Proud to Join the Kansas City Startup Village

Fox Web Creations is very pleased to announce that this week we have joined forces with Kansas City Startup Village, a community group led by and made up of startups and entrepreneurs in the Kansas City area. The goal of the group is to support and foster the growth of startups within the community, to encourage and enable education and collaboration, and to increase opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs to succeed through recruitment, programming and knowledge sharing. The vision [...]

10 Facts About Kansas City

Being based in Kansas City, Missouri has been great for us here at Fox Web Creations. The city is interesting and full of a rich history. We are starting a series of infographics, and thought that our home base would be a great place to start! So take a look and learn a little more about Kansas City, and feel free to share this with anyone you think might want to know a little more about "the Paris of [...]

October 6th, 2014|

Kansas City at a Glance

As part of our ongoing campaign to increase the availability of interesting information and great infographics about our fair city, Fox Web Creations presents 'Kansas City At A Glance' with lots of interesting details from the 2011 American Community Survey and the US Census. This time we focus on some details about the Kansas City area and the people who live here. From education and work to income and housing, we present another look at Americas' Heartland, the Greater Kansas [...]

October 6th, 2014|

Kansas City & A History of Industry

As part of our ongoing campaign to increase the availability of interesting information and great infographics about our fair city, Fox Web Creations presents 'Kansas City and A History of Industry.' This infographic focuses on some of the important industry related moments from the history of the Kansas City area, starting way back with the beginnings of the state oil and natural gas industries. So please sit back and enjoy as we present another look at Americas' Heartland, the Greater [...]

October 6th, 2014|
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