The issue of online marketing is crucial to any person who is involved in selling their products on the internet.The people who realize good results have some advanced tools that they employ to ensure that they drive targeted traffic to their websites. The tools can help you check on some things like how well your site allows you to communicate with your clients, your website’s health and also helps you to keep track on the traffic you attract on your site. Without further ado, let us check on the strategies used by top SEO in Kansas City internet marketers.

Use of Google Analytics

Many internet marketers use Google analytics to check how well their site is doing compared to others in the niche. With this tool, you can check the number of clicks that your site gets in a particular period of time. You can also use it to gauge the success of your advertising campaigns, sent emails, and SEO strategies employed.

Installing Google Analytics is quite simple. Many of the applications that are used to build websites do provide extensions that make it a cinch. These website building apps include WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla just to mention a few.

Use the Amazing Get Clicky Extension

Another tool that is very effective is called Get Clicky. This tool has some advantages over Google Analytics, and it is very handy for any marketer.The extension allows you to monitor how people are navigating your website, the pages they are interested in, the ones they stay on and where they leave at and the ones they completely ignore.

The best part is that you can see all this in real time! It also allows you to see what is being downloaded and you can also track a particular IP address using its Spy tool.

Such data is critical as you will know the content that sells and the one which does not.

Take Advantage Of Wirify

How the graphics and text of a site relate is very important, and this is where Wirify comes in. This extension allows you to check the number of texts in relation to the number of graphics on your site. You can use it to check this relationship on another site if you want to improve the way your site looks by copying the layout of your inspirational site.

Use MajesticSEO

Backlinking is another good strategy to use when you want your site to rank high in the search engines. Using MajesticSeo, you can check which websites have linked their site to yours. The application also allows you to check the sites that are linked to your competitor’s websites. With this information, you can contact the owners of reputable sites to do link building.

Exploit Google Trends

This tool lets you compare the performance of keywords. As all top marketers SEO in Kansas City know, keywords are very important in ensuring that your content remains relevant. With this tool, you can know which keywords are searched most at any particular time.