If your website isn’t converting, you should know about the factors that are holding it back. It is essential to own a website which is at a level with industry standards.

Audiences are influenced by stunning design and functional elements. Most importantly, these elements should work together in perfect harmony to offer seamless experiences to the users. A Kansas City website design agency can offer you customized solutions containing features without which, your website would end up lost in the lonely wilderness.

1. Distinctive Visual Approach:

Every industry has a unique set of features. Your website should reflect impressive considerations of each of them. At the same time, it should stand out in the hypercompetitive markets and represent your business as it is. It should be unique to create awareness and tell your story to become easily relatable. Here, design elements like videos, sliders, and animations play a vital role. The latest trends are large scale animations integrated into parallax scrolling, hover animations for intuitive interfaces, loading animations for engagement, and background animations for effective storytelling.

2. Effective Calls-to-Action:

A bad UX completely ruins a website design. For creating an intuitive interface, you should anticipate the actions of site visitors and guide these actions to the desired content. This is where you need a call to action or CTA buttons. These buttons have minimal text but they are easily legible. They drive more conversions by diverting online traffic in the right direction.

3. Visible Search Functionality:

Most websites either omit search functionality or fail to make it easily visible. In this digital era when the delay of a split second can disorient the users, this is the last thing that you’d want in your Kansas City website design. So, integrate a search bar in a place where it is easily visible to the users.

4. Spruce up the Speed:

Nothing kills the UX like a slow loading website. If your website looks stunning but loads at a snail’s pace, you’ll surely lose a major chunk of potential clientele. It also negatively affects your search engine rankings. Therefore, lay stress on the details like lesser scripts, image optimization, and caching. Remember, Google also loves websites that load faster.

5. Mobile Responsiveness:

When your website is not loading properly on mobiles, you’re missing out on reaching a majority of users accessing the internet through these devices. You can’t afford to own a website that doesn’t work on mobile devices. In fact, mobile responsiveness is critical to the success of modern web applications. Experts believe that the website design process should follow the principle of ‘Mobile First’. There are no design limitations in this version.

These are some of the best UI and UX design features that must be integrated into your website.