Application-ProgrammingWhether you read top Fortune 100 publications and white papers or simply take an informal poll of the small business owners in your local area, you will certainly gain a perspective of the importance of responsive web design. The generations that grew up on always-on Internet connections are more than comfortable with conducting their day to day business completely from their smart phone or tablet. In order to compete in this new economy, responsive web design with a fast load time is no longer a luxury; it is an absolute necessity.

The Infinite Options of the Modern Consumer

Because of the ubiquity of the Internet and the lack of barriers to entry for starting a website, there are so many options for consumers that any business without the ability to instantaneously connect with an audience will soon find its market share shrinking.

Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that pure quality will separate them from the pack. Although there is definitely something to be said for the company that already has a market share and continues to provide a quality product, the business that has not yet been established cannot rely on word of mouth in the new economy. There is now so much noise within the business landscape that has been created by the constant influx of new business that even a low quality business can drive views away from a quality business with the right SEO.

Responsive Web Design, Cross-platform viewing and Load Time

It is not enough to have a desktop website that you hope will view well on mobile devices. As a matter of fact, given a choice, many businesses are actually giving preference to their mobile sites because of the trending audience there. Cross-platform viewing is also essential because you never know what system your audience will access your platform from.

Load time is also a large part of the “stickiness” of your website because it keeps an audience from becoming tired. In the minds of the average consumers, long loading times equate with low quality sites. It also usually means that a site has too many third party apps on it, or at least bad coding.

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