For many website owners, ads are major sources of income. As a website owner, you must know that it can be important to have ads on your website in terms of income, but one thing you may not know is that how you place those ads might affect how many people stay to visit your website.

Mobile ads are designed for websites that are frequently visited by users from their mobile devices. There are two main types of mobile ads: banner and interstitial. The former is a small-sized ad that can be placed at the top or the bottom of the content display area.

The later is a large-sized ad that often takes up the whole display area of the phone or tablet. Large-sized ads are well known not to be mobile-friendly — they block a whole page of content that the visitors came to see. An app-install interstitial can be the most annoying for users, because if users click on it by accident (which is very common due to the size of interstitials), they are then brought to an app installation page or the app store, which is a completely different destination than the original website.

Website owners put ads on their websites for profit. A larger ad size can increase ad click rate, resulting in a higher website income. Of all the different types of ads out there, app-install advertisements are the most profitable for website owners, because app developers are willing to pay a lot of money to promote their mobile apps. As a result, many website owners might have used app-install interstitials, which are annoying to website visitors but profitable for website owners.

To lessen the negative experience with an app-install interstitial, Google has announced a tweak to their mobile search algorithm. In a nutshell, the new algorithm checks all the mobile websites and recommends those that do NOT have app-install interstitials over those that do. For website owners who want to promote certain mobile apps, Google suggests they use mobile-friendly app-install ads such as banners, because banners do not hide much webpage contents from users.

The web designers at Fox Web Creations would like to remind website owners to carefully design their mobile websites and to always keep search algorithms in mind. Mobile search is crucial to websites. The search results have a direct impact on the revenue of a website, as they bring new visitors to the website. Based on the new algorithm, if you put an app-install interstitial on your website, Google will bring less traffic to your website than before.

If you need help with designing your website to be both mobile- and search-friendly, contact us here at Fox Web Creations.