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5 Ways to Harness App Development For Your Business

In the wake of significant movers and shakers like Amazon, mobile app technology is being effectively deployed by B2B and B2C businesses with helpful features that attract customers from all demographics. Here is how to turn this tool of business disruption into an advantage for your business. If you read my previous article, Amazon’s Secret Weapon, then you already have a foundation for understanding why app technology is a game changer for many businesses. According to worldwide [...]

January 15th, 2018|Mobile Apps|

Why Amazon’s Secret Weapon Is Disrupting Your Business

Business innovators are breaking traditional retail models and shaking its foundations. It’s important to note that these kind of disruptions are not brought about by deploying new and shiny marketing slogans or branding, updating package colors, spending more money on advertising, or for that matter, doing anything that traditional marketing departments may likely address. Many buyers don’t give a flip about these things in 2017, at least not when it comes to deciding what to buy and who to [...]

November 22nd, 2017|Mobile Apps, Marketing|

How The Majority of Us Search Online And Why It Matters To Your Business

Can you segment the Baby Boomer, Gen-Z, or the Millennial in this picture? Google can. Google also says their platform is now used for searches about 60% of the time from mobile devices in the US. However, this is not the end of the story. One would think from current headlines that the entire world has thrown their old laptop/desktop into the recycle bin, but that is not what user statistics actually reveal. According to Smart Insights, most of [...]

Technology Is The Campfire Around Which We Tell Our Stories

Experimental musician Laurie Anderson (who’s quoted in the title of this blog) hit the proverbial nail on the head. With the advancement of digital communication technology, mass media has taken on a new connotation today. Compared to just a generation ago, people all over the globe are now creating and sharing stories every day using some form of digital technology. In many ways, this shift in storytelling is disrupting the way we traditionally have done marketing. Since this blog [...]

Google Updates its Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

For many website owners, ads are major sources of income. As a website owner, you must know that it can be important to have ads on your website in terms of income, but one thing you may not know is that how you place those ads might affect how many people stay to visit your website. Mobile ads are designed for websites that are frequently visited by users from their mobile devices. There are two main types of mobile ads: [...]

5 Reasons To Redesign Your Company Website In 2016

As a website owner, you already know that it is important to keep your web content updated. Search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, frequently crawl the Internet and highlight newly updated websites. However, you may not know that it is also important to frequently update the structure, to add functionalities, to improve the styles, and to redesign the website completely. Fox Web Creations has listed five great reasons for you to redesign your website for the coming year. [...]

Why Responsive Website Design and Mobile Apps are Essential for Buyer Relevancy

Ever since Cyberspace was still in its infancy nearly three decades ago, e-commerce shopping habits have steadily grown in both sophistication and interactivity. There’s a historical reason for this phenomenon. History has well proven that people who desire milk should not sit in the middle of pastures waiting idly for cows to back up to them—but wait—there is now an app for that, too! Of course, people acquiring any commodity must somehow seek it. However, today, we summon our “milk [...]

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