social-media-marketing.jpgBuilding a recognizable, reliable brand is the cornerstone of any good business marketing campaign. The most successful companies project unique images that customers instantly associate with a set of strengths and values. Having a well-crafted website can enhance this association if you keep a few basics in mind as you create your design.

Target Your Market

You already have a target market for the products that you sell. Potential customers within that market have specific wants and needs. It’s the job of your business to address these by providing consistent quality and dependable service. Optimizing your online presence to cater to a particular group and their personal desires leads to a better return on your investment than a generic advertising campaign.

Leverage Your Name

Your customer base knows who you are. Take advantage of this when choosing the URL for your site. If possible, get a .com that features your business name. If not, go for something that reflects your most popular products or that people already associate with your company. For example, if you make the best cookies in your area, you might go for something like “” The idea is to give customers a memorable address that they can type in without having to search for your business first.

Design a Strong Logo

fox-web-creations-icon.jpgThink about the products you purchase the most. How do you recognize when something was made by a specific company? Chances are the logo is what catches your eye first. Your business needs a logo that does the same thing. Go for an image that can be recognized in any context no matter what size it is. This way, you can use it across all of your marketing materials, both online and off, to draw attention and bring awareness to your products. Fox Web Creations can take that logo and make it part of a site that your customers will love to visit.

Be Consistent

While a good logo will catch attention and remind people of your business, you need to go beyond a single image to really cement the image you’re building. Sticking your logo on a basic website template won’t offer customers the kind of experience they’re looking for. Remember, too, that your business has a specific personality that should be reflected in the content of every page. Fox Web Creations offers a design service called a mascot. In addition to the company logo, a memorable character or pattern gives customers another way to recognize your business. Your goal should be to create a unique experience that’s consistent across all parts of the site. An knowledgeable web designer will have the expertise necessary to build a site that delivers just such an experience.

Fox Web Creations offers quality web design in Kansas City to help you put together a website that improves branding efforts and puts your business ahead of the competition. When you choose a talented design team, you’ll see a positive return on your investment in the form of brand loyalty, increased sales and a strong customer base.