In the current e-commerce marketing landscape where continuous growth is no longer a privilege but a necessity, there is no such thing as “enough.”

Regardless of what industry you’re in, it’s a general assumption that diversifying one’s efforts and taking the right steps to improvement is critical for staying afloat. From refining funnels for maximum returns to tweaking ad-buying settings to reach the right market, achieving selling success on the web is an effort that can go an infinite number of ways. 

As attaining high returns on one’s efforts online becomes a desirable goal for decision-makers, there’s one critical factor that ends up getting overlooked: The common e-commerce marketing mistakes that one can make.

A few fumbles that you need to avoid at all costs

Seeing the near-overwhelming complexity that runs deep within the world of e-commerce marketing, it’s easy to see why and how the average business can make mistakes. 

Although you may like to think that you have your minds set straight on doing the right tasks and going for the correct opportunities, the truth is that the average decision-maker is at a higher risk of making mistakes than expected. At this rate, even you might be making costly mistakes with your digital marketing that you aren’t even fully aware of, which is where awareness can help.

Thankfully, you can prevent your business from being overwhelmed by mistakes and becoming another casualty by being aware of common pitfalls. To ensure that your company doesn’t end up in situations where your profit and results are at risk, here are two common mistakes you must avoid: 

Mistake #1: Ignoring the experience that users have on your website

If there’s any mistake that’s going to set your business’s digital marketing efforts back big-time, it will definitely be the mistake of ignoring user experience (UX). 

Regardless of how you attract potential customers, they’re all going to end up on your website or online store to check out your products and determine whether they should spend. This is why these customers’ experience on your page has a significant impact on their purchasing decisions. 

If you’ve been neglecting your website’s UX for far too long and wish to turn things around, then there’s no need to worry because you can use tracking tools to keep a note of user behaviors on your website to make the necessary adjustments. Conversely, you can also enlist the services of Fox Web Creation to help your business out with making a more user-friendly UX!

Mistake #2: Relying only on paid traffic to get by

At one point or another, you may have heard about the success stories of small businesses becoming big-name players thanks to paid advertisements and campaign funding.

Yet, let’s not allow these stories and acclaim to take away from the fact that balanced and diversified traffic helps tie everything together in the long run.

Admittedly, many people make the mistake of solely relying on paid search and online ads because of the instant gratification the right combination of settings provides. However, it’s worth noting that many paid traffic strategies will only work as well as they can in the short term unless they’re coupled with various efforts to generate traffic from multiple sources.

While paid traffic is great, making an effort to generate organic traffic from social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and full-fledged branding efforts simultaneously is optimal. Once you have a diversified approach, it’ll become easier for your business to rake in lasting results for its digital marketing strategies and efforts!



If you genuinely desire to make the most out of your digital marketing efforts for success in the long term, then it’s crucial that you take the time to address common issues that you might come across. Through this guide’s help and keeping the key points mentioned above in mind, you will find it a whole lot easier to ensure a smoother journey to more profit in no time!

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