E-commerce has become a highly competitive field as your competitor is always just a click away. If your customer doesn’t like your website or is unable to find what he is looking for, he will simply choose another e-commerce site to buy his products. In order to gain more customers and attract attention to your website, you must make it as customer-friendly and easy-to-use as possible. Even if you’re selling products at the lowest possible rates, customers won’t buy if they can’t navigate through the site. Usability is all about delivering a quick and easy buying experience to your customer to ensure higher conversion rates. The following tips will help you break through the clutter of e-commerce and retain more customers:

1. Easier Call-to-Action and Sign Up

Web browsers rarely have the patience to fill up lengthy forms required for registrations. All you would need is their email address and password for a quick and easy sign-up. Having a call-to-action button also plays a vital role in converting visitors to customers. Choose a Kansas City web design company that understands the importance of buttons that will stand out against the background and compel visitors to click on it. If you’re offering services in multiple countries, make sure the call to action is in the local language. You can use IP delivery to customize the language as per your customer’s location.

2. Purchase Without Registrations

Many users prefer logging in as a guest and buying their desired products without going through the entire registration process. You can ask customers to sign up later or when they want to make a purchase again. This method is known to increase sales by up to $ 300 million, helps in improving customer retention and also reduces cart dismissal.

3. Quick Searches

Customers don’t want to browse through hundreds of pages to find their products. Have a systematic search on your website with category refinement so that the entire search process is smooth and simple.

4. Breadcrumb Navigation

Customers like it when they know how many steps they need to complete in their purchase process. If you don’t use breadcrumb navigation, they might get bored and feel like the process is taking too long, abandoning it mid-way. An e-commerce web design with breadcrumb navigation will also help them go back and edit wherever they like.

5. Cart Security

Make sure you include all safety features like SSL encryption, payment gateway and trust certificate to build your customers’ trust and make their experience safe and secure on your website.

Having a reliable Kansas City web design company by your side will help you design the right e-commerce website for your business!