Music Content Creation Now A Click Away

It doesn’t matter if you intend to make a mark in sales or promote any content; the matter boils down to stay ahead of the pack. Going by this concept, you can opt to provide the best platform for your music content at SoundCloud, where you just put up your expertise, and let the world see what content you let yourself generate.

Before you begin to upload your content, you need to decorate your SoundCloud Profile with a banner, which screams out your taste, your field of interest, and the audience you are looking at reaching out to. As humans, every one of us appreciates good music, irrespective of our country, race, language, climate, etc. This is embedded in our genes which helped us in producing cultures unlike any other creatures.

SoundCloud: The Introduction

SoundCloud is the planet’s leading Social platform for music, where enthusiasts and professionals alike can dig in through the depths of music. The platform allows individuals to fabricate, pastor and stream music content from all geographical reaches as well as budding music enthusiasts.

If you are an individual aspiring to make it big in the field of music and have your own unique content, you can upload your contents on your SoundCloud profile. After that the growth you’d witness in terms of followers will be exponential; this implies that you should focus on building your SoundCloud profile to be noticeable enough in the first place.

Profile Picture on SoundCloud:

Since SoundCloud allows you to have a maximum permissible photo size of 2 MB, getting yourself one crystal clear, invigorating profile picture is essential so that your profile would stand out in the crowd. A picture of 1000 × 1000 pixels is recommended so that the picture doesn’t blur when zoomed in for a clear view.

Another thing often overlooked is the profile header, which together with the profile picture creates the first impression. As the saying goes, Life is a first impression; you get one shot at it, you have to be creative to make that impression lasts long.

If your SoundCloud profile fails to attract any listeners or followers, imagine what would happen to your music contents- they would be lying idle without much reach, practically the worst situation you could ever get into. To put things into perspective, SoundCloud is to budding music developers what World tours are to professionals.

SoundCloud Banner: Size, Design and Visuals

After you have put up your profile picture and profile header, next in line is the SoundCloud Banner. Imagine this; out of 200 million users striving to be as unique as possibly they can be, trying to win the out of this world contest can become a monotonous affair. To add a little bit more flavor to the uniqueness of every individual, SoundCloud offers the liberty to design a banner of 2480 × 520 pixel size.

Adding the Visuals:

If you feel that your creativity is not up to the mark in terms of the banners prepared, you can take a dip in the world of unique pictures and /or banners. However, the profile picture, profile header, banner should provide a complete picture of yourself, and should not be some random picks which does not necessarily define you.

Being Simple:

Given all the aforementioned discussions on making your profile look unique and stand out in any given pack, it is quite natural for individuals to venture way outside their zone of compatibility. However pressing the needs might be to compete with 200 million other users, keeping the flow simple gives the maximum number of followers. For example, details like color, text style, size and other visuals should not be weird and alien-like instead they should give a clear picture about your personality.

Use A Little Bit of Professional Help:

If you feel doing these are not your cup of tea, there is no point in shying away from using a little outside help. Foxwebcreations provides quite a few tools for designing SoundCloud profile along with choices for addition of details according to taste. SoundCloud templates provided by our website as well as resources for free learning is readily available and all it takes is a click of button to get inside the depths of these resources.

Using Tools Like Canva and BannerSnack:

It is not justified to ask for knowledge in graphics designing from individuals who have a knack in music. However, in order to build your SoundCloud profile from scratch, professional tools such as BannerSnack and Canva are put on offer by Foxwebcreations as part of maximum assistance. Apart from that our Foxwebcreationstakes is to sign in and create an account, choose the templates using pictures, text styles, sizes, fonts, color and other details from the offered selections, combine them into a tasteful creation and finally design the banner.

Also you can upload your own pictures which you might want to add, thus making it even more unique. Both these tools offer precisely the same amount of materials, and allow users to choose from hundreds of available templates to choose from for a better user experience.

Summing it up in a Nutshell:

Imagine you are jostling for space amongst 200 million unique users, and trying to make a dent in the market already dominated by big labels, what good would it be if your unique content fails to be recognized in the crowd, and becomes a part of the cacophony? This is precisely the reason SoundCloud is a big hit among aspiring musicians who are trying to beat the odds without backing of big labels, sponsors or other established names in the industry.

Being one in the crowd is not necessarily a bad thing if you have the right attitude and desire to make yourself noticeable. Going by the passion to create music, you must also strive to learn the perks of presenting your skills on a platter, else settle for a penny while others grab a chunk of the pie that you are after your whole career.