9 Tips On How To Promote a New Blog

This article is about promoting blogs, not just publishing blogs, the latter of which is the easy part. For those of you that are eager to share your earth-changing ideas with the worId, but only have some foggy ideas on blog promotion, here are some tips that may not be so obvious or understood. Self-Publishing Your Blog – This Is Not The Same As Promotion In decades past, there were 100s of blogging platforms with their own distinctive flavors. [...]

8 Reasons Why Web Design is Extremely Important for Marketing

Before the existence of the internet, the perfect marketing strategy depended on things like brochures and booklets, or advertisements in newspapers, magazines and on television to convince customers that your product or service was the best version of what they needed. Well, this strategy is no longer perfect in the age of the internet where people use search engines to look for everything. This is why best practice is to hire a web developer or web design agency to make [...]

August 2nd, 2017|Blogging, eCommerce|

How to Design Your Website for Short Attention Spans

According to some recent studies, it appears that the number of internet users accessing the web on their smartphones is exceeding expected figures. The mobile internet is the next big thing for this industry. However, it seems to be leading to shorter attention spans of users. The attention span of humans has come down to eight seconds as compared to an earlier figure of 12 seconds. This calls for a new approach to web designing with a deep focus on [...]

Why You Should Consider Adding Sticky Content to Your Website

When executed properly by matching the purpose and context of your website, sticky content can spark interest, provide useful information, and maybe even inspire or motivate visitors. Ultimately, sticky content encourages repeat visits to your site and can build goodwill in doing so. What is sticky content? The term comes from Internet lingo. It refers to content added to a site that has the purpose of getting users to return to a particular website and hold their attention longer [...]

How to Find Images and Understand Copyrights

Have you ever heard the popular phrase, "a picture is worth a thousand words"? The truth is 65% of people describe themselves as visual learners(1). This simply means that for most of us, we prefer to be assisted  by pictures when digesting information. It stands to reason then, that if you want to run a successful blog or online business, you will want to incorporate as many images into your content as is practical. Not only do photographs serve to [...]

How much content is TOO Much content?

The phrase "content is king" is still viable in the Web 2.0+ environment of the mid-2010s. However, there is definitely such a thing as too much of it on a website. Here is a short tutorial on how to determine how much content is too much. Your Analytics Perhaps the easiest way to determine the right amount of text and multimedia on a page is to look at the stickiness of a website. If your PPC ad campaigns and [...]

February 20th, 2015|Blogging, Marketing|

Being Prepared in the Event of a Hack

As more of the world goes online, more hackers crawl out of the woodwork to destroy businesses and steal private information for their own gain. But what can you do to protect your website from malice and malware? What measures should you take to safeguard all your finances and visitor data? Here are five tips for preventing a hack from the experts at Fox Web Creations. 1: Stay Updated You can't just download a security program and call it [...]

June 11th, 2014|Blogging, Security|
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