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April 2017

Why You Should Consider Adding Sticky Content to Your Website

April 30th, 2017|Marketing, Blogging, Social Media|

When executed properly by matching the purpose and context of your website, sticky content can spark interest, provide useful information, and maybe even inspire or motivate visitors. Ultimately, sticky content encourages repeat visits to your site and can build goodwill in doing so. What is sticky content? The term comes from Internet lingo. It refers to content added to a site that has the purpose of getting users to return to a particular website and hold their attention longer [...]

September 2016

Engaging Users On Your Website

September 12th, 2016|Marketing, Social Media, Web Design|

If you are operating an eCommerce business and want to generate more revenue from your website, it will help to present more than just a static set of pages with product-only content. There are plenty of examples on the Internet where the visitor comes in, skims the homepage in a few seconds and then leaves, never to return. It’s time to start thinking more like a retailer and apply some critical principles of marketing.  The fundamental law of attraction [...]

July 2015

Understanding User Experience in Web Design

July 7th, 2015|Responsive Web Design, Social Media|

At Fox Web Creations, the goal of any Kansas City web design project we take on is to deliver a positive user experience, often abbreviated as 'UX'. When we talk about developing a positive experience for visitors, we focus on achieving an ideal balance of elements such as load time, content and responsive web design. Web design should not be limited to developing websites that look pretty. User experience goes beyond aesthetics; it consists of analyzing how visitors arrive [...]

May 2014

Why a Social Media Management Company Can Help your Business

May 21st, 2014|Marketing, Social Media|

There is no such thing as simply throwing up a pretty website and watching the money roll in anymore. In order to succeed in the cut-throat, dog eat dog world of internet marketing today, you need a bona fide social media marketing plan that is able to scale with your business and change with the landscape. Below are just a few of the reasons why a social media management company is no longer just another option for any business owner [...]

April 2013

How to Make Social Media Marketing Work for You

April 9th, 2013|Social Media|

Managing a blog, website or any type of business online requires more than just the knowledge of the products or services you have to offer. Ensuring you are properly implementing social media marketing is a key factor in finding success online. If you are currently living in Kansas and you are interested in taking your website or business to the next level, doing so is possible by working with a Kansas City web design company, like Fox Web Creations, [...]

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