According to some recent studies, it appears that the number of internet users accessing the web on their smartphones is exceeding expected figures. The mobile internet is the next big thing for this industry. However, it seems to be leading to shorter attention spans of users. The attention span of humans has come down to eight seconds as compared to an earlier figure of 12 seconds. This calls for a new approach to web designing with a deep focus on capturing these short attention spans in favor of your business. A professional Kansas City web design agency can offer you that. Here’s how they do it:

The Loading Speed Matters:

If your website takes more than 4 seconds to load, there is a probability of losing many users. Hence, it is essential to make a website load as fast as possible. Ensure that users can complete the desired action on your website in less than 60 seconds, and never overcomplicate the interface of your website. Also, avoid complex features and redundant pages because they can hamper the speed of your site.

Avoid Using Loading Spinners:

The perceived speed matters more than the actual speed of a website. Even if your website loads reasonably fast, it won’t retain users if it has loading spinners. Many web designers use spinners as an indication of loading progress. This feature negatively affects the user experience. In fact, many mobile apps using this feature are facing heat in the form of negative feedback from users.

Use Proper Indication of Progress:

As mentioned above, it is never advisable to use loading spinners for indicating progress. However, in specific circumstances like transactions relying on a third-party, it becomes essential to give an indication of progress. In this regard, Kansas City web design agencies use techniques like a completion meter that shows the steps left for completing the desired action. It is the most preferred form of indicating loading progress.

Use Lazy Loading:

There are many functions and features in a website but not all of these are relevant to users. Loading all of them at the same time can lower the speed of your website.

Here, you can use lazy loading that helps in delaying the loading of certain features until they are required by the users. They will load only when users scroll to these features.

Use Background Loading:

If you want the loading process to look seamless to the user, you can leverage background loading. It gives the users an impression that the site is loading faster when they are completing other actions.

User attention spans may be dwindling faster, but you can still capture them by using these techniques and hiring the best Kansas City web design company.