When creating a web design, the first thing to consider is the targeted user. You can’t sustain the massive competition of this domain by creating a design that lacks focus on user experiences. The pages stacked with keywords without any simplicity in the interface can never retain users. It is an SEO strategy that isn’t relevant in the present context. You need to design for UX or User Experiences without compromising SEO. In short, you have to strike the right balance between the two. When hiring a KC web design agency, make it an integral part of your overall design strategy. Here are the things that you should follow:

A Simple Interface is Important:

It is the foremost step for designing a functional website. The User Interface or UI should be simple to understand for every user. Remember, a search engine giant like Google has also upped the ante and its spider bots read the web pages in the same way humans read them. Hence, integrate simplified UI design elements like easy navigation, clear calls to action, and ample negative spaces highlighting the relevant content. If you can integrate these features into your web design, SEO will automatically get improved for these pages.

Use Infinite Scrolling Intelligently:

The use of infinite scrolling is fading away in the era of responsive designs. It is a feature that allows the content to be unfolded as users scroll down the pages. However, this technique isn’t suitable for web crawlers and eventually, the content loses its visibility in SERPs. However, if your web design can’t be built without this feature, you must ensure faster loading time backed by paginated series of content presented alongside. Therefore, ask your KC web design partner to integrate this feature wisely into the design.

Use Images Wisely:

Enough has been said about the usability of images in a web design. However, you shouldn’t rely on too many images for improving the visibility of your site. Rather, you must focus on having high-quality images. Instead of using Stock photos, it is always better to get real photos clicked for your establishment or products. Furthermore, these images must be enriched with descriptive file names, relevant alt text, and keyword-rich meta tags.

Avoid Complicated Forms:

Whether you have a site registration form or an e-commerce checkout form, it has to be concise and relevant. A complicated form can result in higher bounce rates and users will not complete the entire process if they find the form hard to fill out. You can use more than one page for presenting the form, but they should be well-defined.

These are some of the best strategies that you can follow to enhance the UX factor of your KC web design without compromising with the SEO.