Spooky Website Design Stats That Haunt Us

Holidays like Halloween are an excellent time to both reflect on past achievements and look forward to what the future may hold for us mere mortals. This is also true for those of us in business, who work day and often into the night to make magic happen. We certainly have seen our share of websites that do a better job of scaring customers away rather than attracting them. What worked 10 years ago will likely not work [...]

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9 Tips On How To Promote a New Blog

This article is about promoting blogs, not just publishing blogs, the latter of which is the easy part. For those of you that are eager to share your earth-changing ideas with the worId, but only have some foggy ideas on blog promotion, here are some tips that may not be so obvious or understood. Self-Publishing Your Blog – This Is Not The Same As Promotion In decades past, there were 100s of blogging platforms with their own distinctive [...]

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Introducing “Billie”, the New Update to WordPress

As a Kansas City web design and marketing company, Fox Web Creations makes websites for our customers, all the way from the front-end to the back-end. The front end is to help our customers present their business nicely and professionally, while the back-end is to help them edit their websites easily and quickly. WordPress, a software framework, is one of our preferred choices for building the back-end. Web designers at Fox Web Creations are excited about its new release this [...]

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What You Need to Know About the Latest Version of WordPress

As your friendly local firm for web design in Kansas City, we think it's important that we keep webmasters updated on the newest versions of the software that drives their websites. That's why we want to talk to you about the newest update to one of the most popular back-ends for business websites and blogs. WordPress version 3.9, referred to as “Smith”, is the newest version of the software platform. It adds several new features that webmasters of all [...]

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WordPress 3.8 Is Here

After Oscar in August and Basie in October, December brings us Parker, the 3.8 version of WordPress. Now available for update from your existing Wordpress dashboard or as a new download, Parker has a new feel exemplifying its namesake, Charlie Parker, the jazz icon whose body of work epitomized the artist as an intellectual. Fox Web Creations took a look at this new version and is ready to report. As a major Kansas City WordPress Designer, we know what we [...]

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A Look at WordPress 3.6, or Hello Oscar!

WordPress is easily the gold standard of content management systems, with millions of installations that make it the single most popular way to manage blog posts, news stories, and lots of other content on websites around the world. With version 3.6 of the software, WordPress' developers have focused on making things even easier to use for those who collaborate on content. Furthermore, the new version of the software shines a light on greater usability and better user-facing design than prior [...]

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WordPress 3.5 is here

Today is a great day because WordPress just released a wonderful new update, and we have been waiting for this for quite a while. We just updated our website to the WordPress 3.5 with no problem at all,  and we thought that it would be a great idea to  share our thoughts with you by writing this article about the main features.

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How a WordPress Blog Can Seriously Help Your Business

If your website doesn't have a blog, article or news section, you should consider getting one. A WordPress blog, if done right, can attract a large amounts of qualified visitors to your site, many of whom may become customers. Before we can explain how WordPress can do this to help your website, let us give some background on how search engines work, Google in particular. When it comes to SEO on your website (or WordPress blog) for search engines you must always keep in mind two things: on-page optimization and [...]

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