Often, people think that adding blogs, guides, resources, and other written content is enough to make a great content marketing strategy—that is not the case. While creating and optimizing the content is a big part of the strategy, it also relies on a well-designed business website to make it successful. Simply put, the triumph of a content marketing strategy also depends on a good B2B web design.

When you want to set up an effective content marketing campaign with your brand new or updated website, here are tips and tricks for you.

Make It Prominent and Accessible

Blogging and other resources are often part of a content strategy. This is why it’s crucial that your website’s design integrates those resources in a way that makes them easily accessible. After all, if you will invest time and money into content creation, you want to make sure all website visitors can find and access those resources.

Make it easy for users to discover helpful resources. Many people will start at the top of your site and look for a call-to-action (CTA) that links to useful information. 

Set It Up for Sharing

Your B2B content strategy includes creating SEO-optimized content that you and your website visitors want to share. Make it easy for them to share it. Create a strong web design with social sharing icons integrated into the page, like the plugin AddThis for WordPress.

Think about how users will share content during the website design process. Ensure that the social media buttons are prominent and that the content displays properly when shared. 

Don’t Forget Your CTA

Every blogger wraps up their article with a CTA at the bottom. What if your B2B website design included one at the end? Use something that grabs the reader’s attention and incites them to complete the desired action. 

Many designs showcase recent blog posts to keep visitors engaged in your content and on the website. Others highlight related guides to capture contact information. Some add an opt-in field that encourages visitors to sign up for their monthly newsletter.

Having a blog on your site doesn’t maximize the visitors’ time on your website. It doesn’t leverage other related content for more conversions, either. It’s important to style the blog posts for a great user experience while keeping readers engaged on the site to get repeat visitors. 

Add Resources on Your Homepage

B2B marketing and lead nurturing often take months or even years to convert leads. Many prospects visit your website five, six, or more times before they ever make contact with your sales team. 

As such, it’s essential to provide content for every stage of the buying process, but you don’t want to force them to dig too deep to find it. You want this content sprinkled throughout the website and featured prominently on the homepage as well.

If you sell products or services that use technology in some way, it often makes sense to feature your top technology pieces on your homepage. That way, it helps educate new visitors about what your business does. 


Your B2B website is not and should not be a static resource. Rather, it must be a living, breathing resource that you frequently update. Content marketing is one way to keep your website current with helpful resources. However, your website design should also support your content marketing strategy to attract more leads and convert them into clients. Your web design should account for your content marketing strategy.

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