Your website bounce rate determines the number of visitors who click on your website and leave immediately without visiting another page. A number of factors can determine your bounce rate, and a higher bounce rate often means there are issues with your website.

To help reduce your bounce rate, you may want to take some necessary steps to help you out with that. Not sure how to do so? In this article, we detail what you can do to bring down your bounce rate.

1. Make Sure Your Page is Loading

One sure way to turn your users away is to have a page take forever to load or not load at all. More often than not, users will find other alternative websites if the page they open does not load instantly. They might not give it time to refresh or load up and just click away from the website.

If you have high bounce rates, you may want to check whether your page is loading properly or quickly. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your user and imagine you are in a hurry to check something on your website. If it feels like it is taking too long to load, then it probably is.

Make sure to try and use lesser elements if your page is taking too long to load. Just try to figure out why it is not loading quickly and resolve it to prevent visitors from clicking away.

2. Optimize for Mobile

Some users may be on mobile trying to access your website. If it is not optimized for mobile, then chances are that nothing will come up nicely. Some texts may not fit on the screen, while other buttons may not work.

Overall, it may just not be a good experience accessing your website on a mobile device if it is not optimized for it. This may annoy users and frustrate them to think that they would need a computer to see your website properly, especially if they do not have one.

Make sure that you get your website optimized for mobile. This will allow your visitors to be able to view it no matter what device they may be using.

3. Have a Clear CTA

A call to action (CTA) allows your visitors or potential customers to know how to get your offers. If you are selling or offering a product or service, but you do not put how to get it, this could frustrate your potential customers.

Make sure that you put the option to either contact you, get a quote, shop, or whatever it is your business allows. Make sure that it is clear and noticeable so that users will not get lost or confused on how to do so. It is also important that there are notices to let the user know what they are about to do by using your CTA button and what they will be clearly getting out of it, to avoid any sort of confusion.


A high website bounce rate suggests that there is something in your website that turns your customers away. Ensure that it is loading properly and your website is accessible, while at the same time, customers will know what to do to utilize your product. This will allow visitors to your website to easily navigate through it and focus on what you could offer them.

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