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The phrase, “Content is king,” dates back to 1996 and was first used by Microsoft founder Bill Gates in one of his essays. Through this statement, he aimed to describe the future of the Internet as a marketplace for content. Although this phrase has been around for more than twenty decades, it still holds true until today.

Your content is essentially the lifeblood of your digital marketing efforts. Moreover, without a well-planned content that answers your customers’ needs and problems, your website won’t succeed and grow. Aside from proper content planning and market research, another thing you need to triumph in your content marketing efforts is to make sure that you have a robust content management system (CMS).

If you aren’t quite familiar with CMS, this article is for you! In the sections below, we will be discussing its quick definition along with some advantages that you can get from using it.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

This is an application that is essential in the creation and modification of your digital content—as well as in publishing and promoting it through your website or other digital channels. Moreover, CMS lets you, along with other content creators in the team, to work together in a collaborative environment in real-time.

There are features in these systems that give you the power to grant your team members varying permissions of accessing the CMS. This allows you to maintain order and structure inside the team while giving the members what they need to finish their tasks and keep the process moving.

Why Do Businesses Need CMS?

Using a CMS for your content marketing efforts mainly improves the efficiency and productivity of your team while ensuring that your digital content is displayed on your website in the best way possible. To drive this point even further, here are three big reasons why your business needs this particular software.

1. It Makes Content Creation Easier

CMS provides your team with one platform that everyone can access—where writers can easily create and save drafts, editors can edit the same file, and developers can easily publish it to the website.

Considering this, there’s no need to keep emailing everyone in the team every time a revision is made on an article. All you have to do is open the content management system and work there—after all, the changes you made will be applied everywhere.

2. It Speeds Up Content Publication

The interface is specifically designed to be easy to use for non-coders. As such, your writers can also easily edit published content without having to go through the developers again, especially if the task is simple.

That said, you no longer have to rely solely and wait on your developers for edits and tweaks. Your content team, along with your junior web designer, can work on these, allowing you to stick to your schedules and deadlines. 

3. It Boosts Your SEO Performance

Now that your content team can work on the creation and publication of your digital content on their own, they can quickly respond to trends and the latest happenings—allowing the release of relevant content before it goes stale.

A consistent and prompt publication of content definitely helps your SEO and improves your performance on search engine rankings. Moreover, CMS automatically converts your blog posts, news items, and other dynamic content areas in your site into RSS feeds, which also rank well in search engines.


A CMS is a powerful and effective tool that you can leverage to manage your content and enhance your team’s process and productivity. It helps you save time, money, effort, and, most importantly, frees you and your team up so that you can all focus on creating stellar content for your website.

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