Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of digital marketing today. However, while it may seem perfect, it’s not the only solution and may even experience problems every once in a while. Perhaps the biggest issue that email marketing faces is deliverability.

Deliverability refers to the ability of your emails to reach their intended recipients promptly. If emails are not opened, not clicked, or not replied to, you might as well have not sent them in the first place.

Here are some tips that you can use to improve your email deliverability.

#1 – Prioritize Your Subscribers

Since the subscribers are the ones who have subscribed to your email list, they are the most critical target audience.

To ensure that your emails get to your subscribers, you should create a priority list. This list can be based on the number of active clicks, the number of unopened emails, the number of opened emails, emails with a click-through rate of less than 1%, etc. The main point of prioritizing your subscribers is to help you automatically send more essential emails to more valuable customers.

#2 – Keep the Email Short

Email length may be a leading factor in email deliverability. If your emails are too long, your customers may not have the time to read them, or they may open them later.

Instead, try to make them short. For example, it’s okay to show a long piece of content in a newsletter, but it is not good to send it in a regular newsletter or an email asking your customers to take action.

#3 – Don’t Abuse Your Subscribers’ Inboxes

You may not realize it, but numerous filters can automatically sort your emails once they are sent. If you are using a lot of promotional emails, you might even get banned from your subscribers’ inboxes. What’s more is that once your emails are stored in the spam folder, they are no longer very likely to be opened.

To avoid this problem, you must use a clean and personalized subject line. Also, you should never abuse templates and always send personalized emails. Aside from that, you also need to ensure that you’re sending welcome emails to your subscribers. This way, they will not put your emails in the spam folder in the first place.

#4 – Never Buy Mailing Lists

If you use a purchased email list, your emails will most likely be considered spam. This is because the recipients on these lists are not your targets. They are not even interested in what you have to offer. Thus, they will not open your emails, which may put you in the spam folder.

Instead of buying an email list, you should collect the customers’ email addresses by collecting their information on your site’s landing page.

#5 – Send Emails Consistently

Sending emails in a timely fashion is a must to improve your email deliverability. This should be done with a frequency that will not put your customers off.

If the recipients feel that your emails are being sent too often, they will not be in the mood to read them. After all, they have better things to do with their time.

#6 – Personalize Your Emails

If your customers feel that your emails are not personalized, they will most likely not open them, which can eventually cause your emails to end up in the spam folder.

To change this, you should create an autoresponder series, which means that you will send a pre-written email and edit it to make it more personal for your customers.

#7 – Always Include a Call to Action

Click-throughs are essential for your email deliverability. If your customers do not take action, your emails will not get to your subscribers’ inboxes. To make sure that your emails get opened, you must include a call to action.

To do this, you should always ask your customers to click on a link and visit your website. This will allow you to measure your click-through rate.


Email marketing can be a powerful tool in the digital marketing world. However, it may not always be accurate, and it can also experience issues that will make your emails more likely to be delivered as spam. Thus, you should always follow these tips and make sure that you send emails to the right people.

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