Avoid allowing anything that gives the impression of sloppiness or unprofessionalism onto your site if you don’t want to immediately turn off potential customers. Doing so will help your business thrive, especially in today’s age of digital consumers.

Listed below are five of the biggest website complications that could be losing you consumers.

1. Ineffective Writing

If you want people to comprehend what you’re saying on your website, make sure it’s free of errors like bad language, misspelled words, and confusing wording.

Even if the syntax and spelling are mainly correct, you could still need to give your website writing a rethink. You probably didn’t pick the right words to get your positioning through and drive action if you tried to get your website up without employing a professional copywriter.

Even if your grammar and spelling are impeccable, it’s possible that your content isn’t convincing readers to hire you. In a short amount of time, you could see an uptick in traffic and sales just by switching out some of your website’s material for more engaging writing.

2. Broken Links

When one of your visitors reaches the dreaded “404” page, it signifies they were unable to locate the information they were seeking. And if they followed a link from your site to the error page, that’s much worse for your reputation.

Broken links are inevitable over time as websites get updated and pages migrate. However, you should make an active effort to avoid having any on your website for long. A potential customer may not proceed down your sales funnel if they click on a bad link once, but what happens if they click on several broken links in quick succession? It makes your site look sloppy.

3. Bad Mobile User Experience

The accessibility of online shopping is becoming more popular thanks to mobile devices. For this reason, companies nowadays cannot afford to ignore the growing need for mobile-friendly websites. If users accessing your site from a mobile device encounter issues, they will not only leave but also think poorly of you. They realize at this stage you ought to be better prepared.

4. Bad Layout Design

There are numerous interpretations of “poor design.” This could indicate that your website’s design has become stale. It could be a sign that your home page is too cluttered to be appealing, or that your site’s navigation is confusing.

You have a problem if customers leave your website as soon as they see it or if they give up looking for what they need after a few seconds.

A poor design could be to blame if you’re getting a decent quantity of visitors but they’re quickly leaving your site without converting.

5. Unsecure Communication Protocols

People have good reason to worry about the safety of online services in light of the numerous high-profile data hacks that have taken place in recent years. They will only provide personal information such as a credit card number to reputable websites. 

The most important step a company can take to reassure customers that their site is safe is to include “https” in the URL of every page that requests personal information.

Customers who value safety will look elsewhere if you don’t provide it. If you’re asking for clients’ bank account details and you’re not using https, you’re putting their data at risk and giving them no reason to trust you.


If you want your website to look professional, you need to fix the issues we’ve mentioned above. Once you do, you’ll make your website look more polished to be a more professional-looking website. Having this for your business will make a great impression on your visitors.

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