Traditional entrepreneurs do not see the importance of SEO. They even think that web development is the end-all for digital marketing. These business owners would not keep pace with consumer behavior change. Thus, their companies would fail.

Do not let this happen to you! According to a 2014 HubSpot survey, online searchers do not go beyond the first page. With that said, you should make an effort to improve your search engine visibility. Doing this will eventually convert regular online traffic into paying customers.

The question is how to do it, but you should not fret! There are many ways to improve your Google ranking, but simply following SEO best practices would already give your website better visibility. After which, you can take things a step higher.

If you do not know what to do first, pay close attention to this article. It may turn things around for your website.

Improve Your Website’s Loading Time

Like any first-class corporation, Google strives to provide the best continuously. In its case, it aims to give its users an outstanding experience. It is the reason why they considered loading speed as a ranking factor. According to statistics, 40% of online users would leave a website if the website took more than three seconds to load.

With this said, before you make any changes to your website, you should benchmark its current loading speed. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to determine your website’s speed. It would also give you ways on how to improve the speed.

After which, you should share the said report with your web designer. She can implement these on your website. You can also ask your website designer to compress images, utilize lightweight themes and minimize HTTP requests.

Build Backlinks

Backlinks are essential to digital marketing because they tell search engines like Google that your content is valid. It does this by indicating that another resource utilized your content. A study even mentioned that a backlink could make or break a website’s Google ranking.

One excellent way of doing this is through guest posting. It would be best to look for websites that accept guest posts for this to work. It would be best to post your article in a business that runs in the same industry as your company.

Create Forceful Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Once the web designer has incorporated the tips that Google shared to improve your website’s loading speed, you should upload meaningful articles. Most importantly, these articles should have powerful title tags and meta descriptions. The former are clickable headlines, while the latter is a summary found below the title tag.

Both are critical in your website’s Google ranking. To optimize a title tag’s usefulness, you should include target keywords and keep it concise. Most importantly, it should accurately reflect the content.


Now that consumers are more in tune with e-commerce, you should align your business to fit their wants. Doing this will ensure your company’s success. It would be prudent to utilize digital marketing to reach out to them.

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