Whatever business you may have—whether a startup or established business—there’s no doubt that branding plays a huge role in its success. That’s why you mustn’t sleep on the relevance of having a fantastic logo for your brand.

Having a professional logo is beneficial in so many ways. Not only does it boost credibility, but it also builds trust in your market, increases brand awareness, and engages with your customers. While the brainstorming part of creating a brand logo is fun, you should still consider how much this could cost you.

If you don’t work in the graphic design industry, figuring out the true cost of logo design can be difficult. And on top of that, this will vary from different logo designers and graphic companies.

To help you avoid confusion and to stay within your budget, it pays to know how a design should be fairly priced and what factors you need to consider. Thankfully, we’re here to help!

Costing Ranges of Logo Designs

A Logo Design Can Start at $100

If you’re looking for a simple logo design, a reasonable starting cost would be $100. A simple design often has a well-defined company name and mark. However, if you want more patterns and designs integrated into the logo, you can expect the price to increase.

The price will increase depending on the number of concepts presented to you and the design you choose. A logo designer can usually offer you around two concepts for a logo design. That’s why it’s important to be clear with what you want to ensure you get the design you envision in the first two tries.

An Intermediate Design Would Be Around $400 to $700

If you want intricate patterns and fonts, you’ll get a heavier price tag on the logo that you want. With that, you can expect to pay at least $400. However, you can expect to have more extras, such as additional concepts, several design revisions, and more.

If you want a logo design that’s guaranteed to stand out, this is an option for you. You can also expect to have a more versatile and flexible logo, allowing you to use it for any applications that you may need.

With that said, experienced logo designers can even integrate your logo into your business cards, websites, and other platforms to see if the design works across all media.

Complex Logos Can Reach Up To $1000

If you’re looking to invest in a custom logo that you’ll stick to long-term, you may be paying up to $1000 for a timeless logo. While you get more complex designs and unique output, you’ll also get specialty branding services that require art direction.

Additionally, you should expect that the logo designer will take special care when designing your logo to ensure that it’s unique enough. With that, they’ll be working with specific techniques to produce an impressive logo that you’ll be using for years to come.

The Bottom Line: Work With a Logo Designer That Fits Your Needs and Budget

For a logo to truly represent your business, you need to work with a logo designer to create a design that represents your brand. In return, you’ll be able to get a logo that’s unique and matches your business’ personality.

While budget plays a role in choosing a logo designer, it’s also good to remember that it isn’t the only factor. Think about what your brand truly needs, and see if you can bend a little to fit the mold and goals of your business. Trust us—with the right logo designer, you’ll get to have a logo that best represents you.

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