Internet users expect websites to reflect or respond to current events and trends. As such, companies often put out seasonal ads or offerings. However, themed campaigns can become cliché, and you risk losing your message in a sea of holiday content from other brands if you are not successful. Here are things you should and shouldn’t do with your website design during this season.

DO: Research on design trends

Look at what other websites are doing and identify which ones are successful in bolstering brand-user relationships. Add your flair to it; think of what your users want to see or what innovations they would appreciate. All companies fight for attention during the holidays, so figure out what sets your brand apart. This unique characteristic can drive your campaign and your website design.

DO: Highlight products or promotions

Special deals and products drive sales during this season, as people will be busy looking for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Emphasize your holiday specials on your website; one way to do this is by altering your navigational menu and directing users to a landing page for the offer. 

DO: Update your social media and content

Tweak your product descriptions so users can find what they are looking for and make changes to your website to help people have a more pleasant overall browsing experience.

Use branded holiday imagery on your social media accounts and website design. Doing this lets your visitors recognize and interact with your brand no matter where it is online. Encourage user interaction as well; create holiday-themed conversations and gift guides on your social networks.

DON’T: Assume your servers are all set

Always expect more traffic towards the end of the year and prepare for it a month or two in advance. Slow loading times are frustrating for shoppers, so test your site’s current performance and make improvements based on your findings. You can also use a content delivery network or CDN to speed up your website’s loading times.

DON’T: Forget to have a mobile-ready site

Mobile devices enable people to browse and order stress-free. As such, you should have a mobile-ready version of your website design. Since full sites are challenging to view and navigate on a mobile device, you need to create a simplified version with only the most essential information. Make your CTA easy to understand, and ensure that you display the related links prominently on the page.

DON’T: Use imagery that everyone else is using

Select a color palette that is undoubtedly of the holidays, but one that other companies or brands haven’t overused. You can evoke the holiday spirit in various ways; you do not need to use the same icons and images everyone else uses. Draw or commission art for your brand or look for a source of vector images that others do not use.


Update your website and plan for the holiday season. Besides preparing your servers for increased traffic, you can add elements on your website that subtly hint at the season. However, do not overdo your holiday visuals and stay true to your brand; if you do, you’ll distinguish yourself from the thousands of other companies doing the same thing.

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