Designer making a logo

Your logo is the face of your organization. Crafting the perfect logo is a balance of everything that symbolizes your ideals and objectives. Your logo should take heavy consideration and should be easily recognizable among your audiences.

Find a logo design you are satisfied with, but make sure you follow important graphic design rules. Here are some Dos and Don’ts to help you get started on your design.



1. Research on Your Audience Thoroughly 

Do you have a target audience? The clearer your audience is, the easier it will be to create a logo design that they relate to. If you can’t identify your target audience, start with research to get a better understanding of your audience.

It will also help to know your customer’s demographics and psychographics to better define your target audience. Read this article for more information on customer research.


2. Take Advantage of Color Psychology

Colors have a lot to say about the emotions and feelings of our audiences. You can use colors to create positive or negative feelings surrounding your organization’s image.

For example, red is a very powerful color and has very strong meanings in different cultures. It is the color of passion, a color that can inspire people to act.

On the other hand, yellow is a more relaxed and tranquil color that can cheer people up. It creates a sense of happiness and warmth.

You can use the colors of your logo to send a certain message to your audience. For example, red can signify high energy, and yellow can signify brightness, warmth, and optimism.

3. Hire a Professional

The best logos are created by professional graphic designers. Not only will a professional graphic designer bring more experience to your design, but he or she will also be more aware of logo design rules and graphic design standards.

Professional graphic designers can also provide you with other services such as illustration, web and print design, and more.



1. Follow a Trend Blindly

You want your brand or business to stand out. Using trendy fonts, colors, or other design elements may help you do this, but don’t go overboard. If your audience can identify several other brands with the same design elements, it will be harder to set yourself apart.

If you are going to use trendy design elements, make sure that they are unique to your brand or are somehow modified to make them unique.

2. Keep Changing Your Logo

You may have to redesign your custom logo design after a while to reflect your business’ growth. But if you change your logo every year, it will invalidate your brand image as an established company.

In addition to this, changing your logo too often creates a sense of uncertainty. This can make it hard for your target audience to connect with your brand.


Now you have a better idea of how to create the perfect logo for your brand. By using this guide, you should be able to know what to do and what not to do to create a logo everyone will love.

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