This decade began with almost 4.66 billion internet users globally. Out of this total, 66.6 percent are mobile phone users who connect to internet-powered surfing, transactions, and services via their mobile phones.  Web designers recognize the need to prioritize mobile users, which is why responsive web designs are crucial now more than ever. 

Responsive web design aims to provide a tailored and seamless viewing experience across all browsers and screen sizes. They make reading and navigation easier by reducing the need to scroll, resize, or pan as frequently. It enables the website to provide the same user experience regardless of the device a user is using.

Responsiveness is crucial in web design because it affects the search engine results page (SERP) ranking of your website. Furthermore, it also increases the value you provide to your target market. When your visitors and customers can access your website through multiple platforms, you get to tap a wider chunk of your target market. It is why 61 percent of consumers trust a company more if it provides a strong mobile experience, so having an adaptable site design is critical.

Here are the different reasons your design team must focus on responsive web design: 

1. Mobile-Responsive Websites Dominate the Market

If you focus on desktop users alone, you will miss a big chunk of your target market, the majority of whom are mobile phone users. That is a lot of web traffic you don’t want to miss out on. People today are highly mobile, and they consume the internet on the go. 

If your website is not mobile-responsive, visitors will quickly bounce off your site. Google and other search engines will interpret high bounce rates as an indicator your website is not valuable to users, affecting your SERP ranking. 

Mobile traffic is not only a significant component of overall traffic now, but it is likely to increase even more in the future, even completely dominating PC users by a mile.  Is your website ready for this significant change?

2. Responsive Web Design Improves Customer Experience

In the past, some designers saw responsive websites as unnecessary and only for lazy consumers. However, in today’s trends, web designers that do not create mobile-responsive sites are deemed by users to be the ones who are lazy. The responsiveness of your website contributes greatly to your lead generation strategies and how users begin to trust your brand. 

From a single device, users can access your content whatever device they use, increasing customer satisfaction, brand trust, repeat visitors, and conversions. If you are penny-pinching and unwilling to invest in a web designer who can make your website responsive, remember that you’ll be losing money in the long run. Note that your web traffic will continue to decrease because of non-responsive browsing experiences.

3. Responsive Web Design Makes Things Easier and Less Expensive

A responsive website makes surfing easier for your visitors. It increases conversions and client retention. Moreover, responsive sites are also SEO-friendly. 

Because you’re working on one website, your SEO efforts will benefit both the desktop and mobile versions, saving you time and money by eliminating the need to construct a separate mobile site.

A separate mobile site requires a different staff of designers, SEO experts, content authors, and even customer care. Making your website mobile-friendly instead is the better, easier, and wiser alternative.


Your brand’s mobile-friendly website is not the be-all and end-all. Of course, it needs more than that, such as high-quality content, good UX design, excellent customer service, among many other things. Understand the responsibilities of web design in the success of your firm. However, the mobile-friendliness of a website mobile-responsive is a step in the right direction toward an optimized website that connects, communicates, and converts well. 

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