Special occasions happen throughout the year, whether it be a wedding in the family or a promotion at your job. Among the most significant occasions are the holidays, especially Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Holidays generally lead to increased business activity, leading to possible increases in conversion rates or a boost in revenue. However, this will only happen if you are prepared. That said, if you have a website, your website must be designed to fit the holidays. This will show your customers that you are in the holiday spirit and offer your audience something special as a celebration. With that in mind, here is how you can effectively design your website to maximize holiday earnings.

 1. Use countdowns

Countdowns can be used in so many ways. For example, it can hype up customers or show the duration of an ongoing promotion, reminding customers how much time they have left before the promotion disappears. Regardless of how you use it, you must implement it one way or the other. Suspense hooks people, and when they see a timer on your page, they will stick around for the ride.

 2. Add new aesthetics

People decorate their homes to celebrate the holidays, and so should you with your website. The biggest mistake you can make is leaving your website as it usually is. This tells your customer one of a few things, either you do not care or are unaware of the holiday. More often than not, they will think you do not care. Show that you do indeed care and implement new design aesthetics to your website that reflects the upcoming holidays, and your customers will start caring for what you have to offer.

 3. Use relevant images

The images you use on your website should be themed around the upcoming holidays. As of now, Christmas is right around the corner. For that reason, your images should be relevant for Christmas. You would not want to be using pictures of beaches with sunny skies. That is nowhere near what Christmas is about. If your website does have irrelevant images, have them replaced with themed ones. It will make your website much more attractive and give a fresh look that audiences appreciate seeing.

4. Offer holiday-themed content

Your content, such as written and video content, should all be holiday-themed. This should be ready before the holidays arrive to get people excited to spend when the time comes. If possible, start many weeks in advance, offering holiday-related content to build the hype similarly to what countdowns do. This way, people have something to look forward to when the holidays are at hand, getting them to visit your website and make purchases.


By meticulously designing and adapting your website for the upcoming holidays, you will be able to maximize your profits and more when the holidays finally come. That being said, holidays are a busy time for businesses, meaning you will find yourself in the thick of it all trying to make the most out of the once-a-year event.

For that reason, we recommend implementing many of our tips several weeks before the holidays arrive. That way, all the plans would have been laid down, allowing you to proceed with doing business as smoothly as possible even when the demands shoot up.

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