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Part of managing a website is knowing the roles each of your web pages play to improve your brand’s image and help generate more revenue for your business. Your landing pages are essential parts of these, as these serve as dedicated pages that contain relevant information to promote your products and services.

These pages also advertise your brand and convince your site’s visitors to perform an action that will lead them to purchase what you’re selling. Implementing an effective web design can help assign different functions to your landing pages based on what you want to achieve. 

Utilizing your landing pages to properly cater to your brand’s needs is essential in order for your business to grow and reach more customers. That’s why if you want to learn the things to avoid doing when optimizing your landing pages, keep reading below.

Don’t Stick to Using Images Alone

Using images to promote your brand is good—but employing more active media is even better. Your website can benefit from publishing video content on your landing pages to improve your conversions. Videos also catch the interests of users because people prefer looking at visuals than reading blocks of texts!

Besides, videos can boost customer engagement and relate to consumers because these can connect with your visitors and bring out unexpected emotions. Through these, you can portray your products at all angles and make video demos of how your services work, attracting buyers to purchase from you because they’ll envision themselves needing them!

Just like photos, videos can be easily shared on social media platforms. They increase a person’s enjoyment who prefers watching over staring at a static image. If you’re running an online shop, an eCommerce developer can help you find the perfect place to situate your video where more consumers can see it.

Avoid Using Inconsistent Web Pages

Users who discover your website from a social media advertisement or search engine link expect to find themselves on a landing page that makes sense to them. It should lead them to another page containing what caught their interest in the first place.

Landing pages are different from your homepage and other essential pages because they serve as individual web pages that each offer a purpose. They’re used to promote your products or services and convince online visitors to execute your call-to-action (CTA).

Depending on your website’s objectives, your CTA could be in the form of users subscribing to your website, adding an item to their cart, or downloading your free content. Your landing pages need to connect users seamlessly from one page to another without encountering any trouble.

Don’t Settle for Dull Headlines

A landing page’s objective is to turn your visitors into customers by convincing them to make an order from your website. You have to come up with a first impression that will shine a light on your brand and help promote it by connecting with users on a different level.

You can use humor or wit to publish eye-catching headlines that make room for creative ideas. Take note that the headlines you make should be related to the product or service you’re introducing to your buyers. As such, it’s crucial to utilize a voice that can best present what you’re offering.

A headline can already stand alone and offer just enough information to capture a consumer’s attention. Include promotional deals, and you can successfully lure them to check out more details about the product or service! You can ask a web designer for help regarding how to construct your headlines for better engagement.


Landing pages are a vital part of your website because they urge your visitors to give your products and services a chance, learn about them, and make their final decision. Optimizing landing pages can effectively improve your conversion rates and ROI by supporting your brand image, uplifting your reputation, and gaining positive feedback. As long as you remember to use video marketing tools, practice consistent web pages, and provide unique headlines, you can achieve your goals and make more sales!

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