As a website owner, your site must land a good impression for visitors, whether they are prospects or current clients. It may not be easy to provide content in a straightforward, compelling way that also conveys the competence and passion of your company, but applying various strategies can help you get a good start.

Keep in mind that your website’s success factors will undoubtedly change over time, and industry trends change over time as well. So, consider investing in and setting aside time to maintain your website up to date to ensure your visitors have the greatest possible user experience. With that, you should always include User Experience (UX) whenever you’re developing a new site, renewing an old one, or rethinking your web presence.

To find ways to become more inclusive and accessible, gain technical know-how, and stay up to date with research, Fox Web Creations, a Kansas City website design provider, has prepared a collection of web strategy tools for you!

WAVE: Web accessibility evaluation tool

This free application allows you to test one web page at a time to see how accessible it is for different types of users. To acquire a report on a page on your site, visit their website and provide a web URL. Their site valuations examine a range of accessibility concerns, including Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) violations.

Stark: Contrast checker and colorblind simulation

To guarantee that your site is accessible even for those with visual problems while remaining attractive to a broader audience, you can use Stark. Website graphics checking has never been this simple with connectors for Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch.

Google Lighthouse: Analyze page load time and much more

Google Lighthouse is an outstanding free tool that may help you examine a website’s performance, usability, SEO, and more. The Chrome extension has made it very useful for professionals and beginners alike, as you’ll get access to reports that will help you gain a better understanding of the process.

Pingdom: Site to monitor performance

Hearing about your website being down is never good news, especially when users want to access it. Downtime can result in losing valuable clients and profit for your business, which is why you should use Pingdom’s features to monitor your site’s uptime and performance. You may also use the tool during page development or before a modification is performed to detect any problems affecting the site.

Lucky Orange: Heat-mapping tool

Lucky Orange brings you very close to the movements of your customers. This must-have web optimization tool is essential to improve your website’s conversion rate. It also helps you by capturing your visitors’ activities while they’re on your site. Ultimately, its recording heat maps allow you to readily identify where, when, and how your conversions happen.

BrowserStack: App and browser testing

You will get a feel for the browser experience with BrowserStack. This application gives you the power to test how interactive your site is in different browsers and mobile devices. Also, it has a wide range of connectors so that it will fit into your existing web strategy environment. With this, you can ensure that your website visitors’ experience is flawless regardless of the connection method they utilize.


A successful experience with today’s and tomorrow’s customers and clients includes a blend of design and usability. If you want to be the leader in SEO within your industry, the best time to work on strategies is now!

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