Every successful website should aim to bridge the gap between your brand and its target audience. In a time where the competition is rife in a digitally-driven marketplace, ensuring every effort you make in optimizing your website can impact its effectiveness in reaching your marketing objectives. 

Every page should fulfil a purpose and the contact page remains one of the most critical elements of a well-ranking website. Think of it this way: people now use search engines like Google as a virtual form of window shopping, so your contact page acts as a reference point where they can identify your store and get in touch with your business for further information. 

While a contact page has straightforward needs, it’s still common for professionals to make blunders that prevent their market from reaching out easily. Here are some mistakes that are costing you leads more than meets the eye: 

No Contact Page

Perhaps the biggest mistake is opting out of creating a contact page at all. All websites should provide a clear contact page to cater to people who have inquiries regarding your products or services. 

Remember that providing complete information on your blog page is helpful, but people will always have questions or concerns regardless. This is where a contact page comes into play, so skipping on creating one will only lead to a dead-end for your customers and a higher bounce rate for you. 

Unclear and Generic Forms 

Forms that only ask for their e-mail address, name, and comments won’t meet the specific needs of your audience. A contact page should offer enough options so people can tailor their response accordingly — be it the choice to reach out via e-mail, social media, or your fill-out form. 

Some may prefer to converse with your customer service representative, so it’s crucial to provide up-to-date and diverse information such as your phone number, Skype contact number, and more. 

Multiple options help your viewers choose a mode of contact they prefer, though it helps to curate it by analyzing your target audience’s interests since you also don’t want to overload them with unnecessary details. 

Dull and Poorly-Designed Contact Page 

Every page of your website should use design elements that are results-driven and cohesive to your brand, even if it’s something as simple as your contact forms. A confusing layout and lackluster design may fail to engage your audience, resulting in poor interaction. 

A functional and attractive contact page should be easy to read, simple to navigate, and engaging up to the point they hit send. 

The Bottom Line: The Contact Page Plays a Crucial Role in Boosting Your Leads and Converting Customers

A contact page can gather valuable information from your market — from their contact details, feedback, and other concerns. It’s the bridge that allows them to reach out to your brand, that’s why it’s important to optimize your contact page so they can continue to connect with you and have a smooth-sailing experience in the process. 

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