hThis article will discuss just why web design is so important for business, and some top tips on how to ensure you get a brilliantly designed website that will work wonders for your business. Humans have always been very visual creatures, relying heavily on our eyes, and an inspiring design will entice visitors to look longer, stay on the site, and consume your content — hopefully leading to more conversions for your business.

Design Concept and Inspiration

As you are getting started, you will need to piece together your main website concept. At this stage in the game, you shouldn’t be thinking about search engine optimization (or SEO), meaning how your website is going to rank in Google. Instead, just try to create quality content. Try to think about how your visitor will navigate your website.

Design is a means of inspiration — the creation of something new and something different. Web design inspiration might be as different as you visit a website you’ve seen before, but are now considering what you want for a site of your own. Today, websites are not always so formal, websites now are full of graphics, animation, attractive photographs, music and outstanding colorful designs. Don’t limit yourself to considering just some specific websites which you’ve recently visited. Look around the whole internet and investigate various passing ideas for creative web design inspiration. Research your inspirations and make sure your web design inspiration is different from others, and that it comes from your personality, but still remaining as professional as you want. In addition to this, ensure that your website will be easy to navigate for your viewers and compatible with all browsers.

Web Design Tends / Responsive Web Design

As the utilization of the internet continues to shift from desktops to other devices, especially mobile phones, there becomes a need to institute improvements in web content presentation that will help optimize the use of these devices. There are many other web design trends in 2013 aside from those that have been mentioned here. The main objective of these trends is to make content access easier for the users of mobile phones, netbooks, tablets and other similar devices.

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If you plan to make money with your new website, then be sure to research your ideas before taking that final step of designing your site. Make sure your web design inspiration isn’t only based on emotions, but remains professional and easy to navigate. Contact Fox Web Creations for assistance with your next inspiration.