When you need to silence your thoughts or empty your mind, try asking yourself a question. Nothing too complicated, just something simple like “How often did I use my left hand today?”. You’ll find that your thoughts stop and focus on the question, then return to buzzing about. Do this enough times and your thoughts quickly quiet down. This is how powerful questions can be. They can take your thought process and focus it to where you want it to go.

In this article we will explore how to use questions as part of your SEO strategy. But before that, we need to answer the question: Are questions any good for SEO in Kansas City or anywhere else at all?

Are Questions Good for SEO?

Google, the world’s premier search engine, is absolutely enamored with questions. You can see this in the ‘People Also Ask’ box that appears whenever you search for anything. This probably is possible due to an update which gave Google the power to recognize questions, even when they’re not quite typed up as such. Something like “Fishing gear cheap” becomes “What fishing gear is cheap?”. 

The point is Google wants questions. The more Google loves questions, the better they’ll be for SEO.

How Do I Incorporate Questions?

There are a lot of different ways you can incorporate questions into your SEO strategy. Certain services or products also have niche questions that are very specific. Here are a few general examples to get you started.

“What if…?”

“What If…?” is a useful question because there are so many possibilities. Try to think of questions that your customers or clients haven’t even thought of yet.

“How do I…?”

The question “How do I…?” is a powerful one. So much content is created around it like blogs, YouTube videos and Tik-Tok videos. When using this question make sure to answer it with accurate and understandable instructions. Think of how overjoyed your customer or client would be if you solve their problem!

“What is…?”

Incorporating this particular question is easy. All it needs is a direct answer. Include these questions in things like a FAQ, a product page, or a blog.

“What is the best…?”

This question can be used on polls on social media. Make sure to try to engage them enough that they comment on their experiences with your products. You can also generate content like a top ten list. 

Where Can I Find What People Are Asking?

Most questions can be obtained simply by paying attention to your environment. Look around and see what people are talking about. There are also websites that you can go to in order to find questions. Here are a few:

Google Analytics

Look for Behaviour, then click through to the Site Search before choosing Search Terms in order to discover what search terms people are using on your site’s internal search option.


You can look up what people are asking by simply adding “Questions People Ask” before your search topic. You could also add a question to your search topic like “how to” or “Which is the best?”.


SEO strategy is evolving all the time and everywhere. From search engine optimization in Kansas City to Nebraska, there is a need to stay ahead of the game. Do that by incorporating questions into your SEO strategy.

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