Your website is the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal. It is crucial now more than ever to make your business known across the web, as consumers continue to shift their attention to social media platforms and online shopping. A business website will give you the leverage you need to boost your online visibility and, ultimately, increase sales. 

The Importance of Your Website

Think of your website as the backbone of your online presence. Every content you publish on third-party social media sites helps catch your target audience’s attention—but that’s not enough. You simply won’t get anywhere with just that!

Every type of communication you put online should drive your consumers to your home base, which is your website. Without it, your potential customers won’t have a clear idea of your brand and the extent of what you can offer them. 

However, just because you have a website doesn’t mean you can rest easy—you still have a chance of failure. Your business can only achieve great results if you optimize your tools and use them the right way. Given that, do you think you’ve been making the most of your website?

Banking on User Experience

When you developed your website, you surely must have had your branding, color scheme, and content in mind. While these are essential components of a good website, you shouldn’t forget the most crucial aspect—user experience.

User experience or UX is the process of designing products that are easy and pleasing to interact with. This concept isn’t only limited to websites; it is also used throughout many industries, such as software design and app design. UX doesn’t just include usability and accessibility, but also more challenging things to control and achieve, such as emotions and satisfaction!

Only a carefully crafted digital experience can generate positive feelings among those who interact with your website. Your website should enhance the experience customers have when visiting it and eventually find value in your product or service as they go through it.

The Relationship Between UX and Conversion Rates

How can you tell if your website is doing well? Simple; by looking at the conversion rate! 

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors to your website that completed the desired action you want them to take. Measuring your conversion rate allows you to determine whether your website is driving results or not. A high conversion rate is usually indicative of successful web design.

Your website’s user experience will affect the conversion rate. If you have flaws in your UX, expect your conversion rate to be low. But even if you have a low conversion rate, don’t worry! By collecting and analyzing data such as that, you can spot any flaws or issues in your website so that you can take care of them. You’ll know you’re on the right track if your conversion rate increases when you tweak some aspects of your design around!


Improve your business’ online visibility by improving your website’s design! Through excellent web design, you can enhance the user experience and get high conversion rates. As a result, not only will you get more traffic, but also repeat customers! Work with a Kansas city web designer today to improve your business website.

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