An online strategy and a well-designed website are essential in conducting business today. It used to be enough that you had an e-mail address or a single page that advertises your services up on the web. Today, though, a business makes the most impact if it interacts with customers online.

Here are a few more benefits you can reap from having a well-constructed website:

Gain traffic that converts

SEO-friendly web design makes you more visible to people who are likely to purchase an item or subscribe to your service. Since you’re putting out ads and blog posts that address their particular needs, the chances are high that they will choose your company when it is time to purchase something.

If you’re after traffic, you must consider various things. First, identify your actual target market. Know whom your products would benefit, and frame the messaging toward their worldview. Identify the keywords that they’ll use, the aesthetic that resonates with them, and techniques that your competitors are using to get results.

Be more visible to prospective customers

Organic search results—the ones on Google that are not ads—drive more than half of traffic on the web. People often prefer clicking on organic results, particularly those on the first page of search results.

Ranking for the first page will help you appear in more queries and open you to customers that are new to your business. A well-designed website helps with that since it contributes to the ranking Google assigns you.

Targeting local keywords will also help you improve your search engine ranking. People use their smartphones on the road or when out on errands, and most people search for local businesses or related keywords using their phones. Make your business discoverable through local keywords and build a website optimized for mobile.

Reduce the bounce rate on your pages

Search engines take the bounce rate into account when ranking websites for user satisfaction. When people close your website seconds after opening it or do not click to other areas, you will get a higher bounce rate. For Google, these things mean that your website is not as helpful as similar ones.

Good web design reduces bounce rate since people tend to stay longer on sites that provide a good user experience. If they can find information easily on your page and find value in what they read, this will result in a longer time spent on your site.

Improve your social media presence

Establishing a social media presence seems to have nothing to do with having a well-constructed website, but these are more intertwined than you think. If you have a useful social media page and a high-quality website, people will equate this to a healthy business and steady growth.

If you respond to your audience online, it also fosters a sense of belongingness on your social media page. People take ownership of your business and identify more with it if you connect with them—an excellent social presence fuels traffic to a website, and vice versa.


Incorporating web design into marketing helps you establish your brand and stay in touch with people to whom it matters. Good design makes your website readable for both humans and algorithms, and optimizing your site starts with web design.

Building a robust website doesn’t happen by accident—it comes from partnering with web designers who can deliver, like us, Fox Web Creations.

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