The holidays always come in a rush. Busy days that are already swamped with year-end deadlines are also filled with shopping sprees and sales as the gift-giving season begins. This will require plenty of advanced planning for many businesses—especially for promotions and marketing efforts that will be done online. 

If you haven’t revamped your website for the holiday season yet, it’s not too late. There are still some web design elements that you can alter and add to ready your business for the holiday season. To accomplish this, web designers in Kansas City can help your business focus your website’s design elements on the one central message you want to get across. 

To help you out, here are some tips you can use to get your website’s design ready for the holiday season:

  • Make Good Use of White Space

Although you should be focusing on using white space well all year round, this is especially important during the holiday season. Instead of filling your website chock full of details on the various ongoing promos, utilize the white space to direct the web visitor’s eye to the page elements that matter most. In this case, it should instantly bring their attention to sales and promos your brand is offering this season without looking too cluttered!

Well-designed white space can also improve your site’s readability, allowing customers to navigate your brand’s page with ease. With or without promotions being featured on your website, this design feature can help drive conversions!

  • Use Video Content 

Good content is key to your website and brand’s success, but this is not just limited to your articles, blog posts, and other word-based content. Using video, especially during the holiday season, can boost engagement and drive traffic to your website. 

It’s much easier and more effective to watch a video about a product or the brand’s holiday message than it is to read about it. The impact is simply different, allowing the use of active storytelling agents to make your message more fun, heartfelt, or inspirational. 

As effective as it is regularly, it’s even more so in this season, in particular. You can get your audience more excited about your upcoming holiday sales by creating videos that feature the product. Whether you have a famous endorser or not, these will surely ramp up your marketing efforts and lead to greater returns come sale time. 

  • Make Your Branding More Festive

Festive branding is a must, but steer clear of generic decorations such as Santa hats, candy canes, evergreen wreaths, and the like. While some of these elements might be tempting to use, you must first make sure that they’re aligned with your business mission, vision, and overall brand!

Consulting with a Kansas-based web design team can ensure that you’re on the right track when it comes to incorporating festive elements into your already established branding for web design. You can start to make basic changes, such as using the color red strategically to catch attention and draw the eye. Adding festive but subtle backgrounds, temporary banners, and promotional images for upcoming sales will also help your web design look more festive.

Highlighting the key areas on your website can help audiences gravitate toward them naturally. These can include your banners, promo headers, and call to action (CTA) buttons. 


The holidays are a great opportunity for many businesses to offer customers great deals as well as generate a great boost in sales. Much of this is dependent on how well you market your holiday promos with the right web design. With the right combination of catchy promotional materials and festive design, you can show customers that your business is well into the holiday spirit, enticing them to check out your shop to buy gifts for their loved ones.

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