Mobile is the apparent next direction for e-commerce. The sooner you optimize your products and services for mobile, the better you can reach its users and take advantage of its ever-growing scope.

One of the most important services you should focus on is your website. Every sector recognizes the value of a mobile-friendly website for their company.

More individuals use their mobile and tablet devices to access the internet than they do their desktop PCs around the world. You’ll definitely miss out on all the opportunities offered on the platform if your website does not cater to mobile.

In the following paragraphs, you will find some of the most fundamental design concepts for making a mobile-friendly website. Remember and follow them while updating your site.

Keep It Simple

Some web designers cram too much information into an interface. On a desktop, it’s not too much of a bother. However, it can overwhelm your consumers when they view the info dump on your website through mobile.

Your site or app’s visual experience and speed will benefit from a minimalist design. Besides, speed is part of the fun. The longer it takes for a page or piece of content to load, the poorer the experience will be.

Allow a Smooth Navigation Experience

You can’t expect people to scroll through a large menu or click through several sub-menus on a mobile device or tablet. For convenience of use, each menu category should ideally contain only one sub-menu. Make sure to prioritize your most important pages.

Your visitors should narrow down what they’re looking for, so menus must include an understandable overview of the products and services you offer. They can then click on a specific category or use the search feature to filter their results.

Place the Search Bar on the Prominent Part of the Screen

Users often use the search bar looking for specific information, so it should be one of the first things mobile users see on your site. Use an open text field to place your site search near the top of your homepage.

Consumers who visit the website with a specific goal in mind are less likely to get lost in the menus or scroll through pages and pages of products. That’s why your search results on the first page must provide what the visitor looks for.

Provide filter options after a user completes a search to sort the results according to their preferences. If the search is the main feature of your site, make it visible because it can be the quickest way for users with high conversion intent to find you.

Consider a User’s Thumbs

Along with the legibility of your mobile design’s text, make sure each button is large enough to click on and not too close together that you mistakenly select anything you don’t want to. For a satisfying touch experience, the typical finger needs at least 44 pixels in each dimension; anything less, and the user experience degrades.

Although it may be difficult to accommodate every smartphone screen size, it is typically recommended that you build your site with a few older models in mind, as older phones have smaller screens. This way, your material will be easily accessible across platforms.

Strategically Place CTA Buttons

Place your primary calls-to-action in the most visible area of your website. They should ideally be above the fold, with contrasting colors or fonts to make them stand out and a clear statement about what the offer is for.

The CTA tags are an important part of any website design, but they’re even more so on mobile. Because it’s easy for smartphone users to miss certain UI elements, always place your most important CTA where they’re most visible.


With the growing number of consumers conducting business on mobile devices and higher purchase intent among mobile searchers, today’s businesses must work hard to compete for mobile clients. The first step is to create a mobile-friendly website that follows mobile-first design principles to improve user experience.

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