Animation has been a popular thing to implement on websites for a long time. This is because websites with motion tend to be more eye-catching, interesting, and more fun to use for many people. However, it isn’t all positive. Animation may slow a website down, and it can also do nothing more than add visual pollution to your website.

So, with that in mind, you might be wondering if you should implement animation on your website at all. Well, the short answer is this: you should, but you need to know when to use it.

Let’s talk about why animation in web design is important and how you can use it properly:

Why Is Animation Important In Web Design?

Animation is a very important part of web design because it can give users a personal, interactive experience. When used correctly, animation can make users feel like they are interacting with the website rather than just browsing it.

Think about it: do you like to watch videos? How about playing video games? Of course, and you probably do it more often than you realize. Well, what makes these things more fun to watch and play? Motion, of course.

That’s why it’s no wonder, then, that animation is popular on websites. Users are used to having motion in certain areas of their lives, and they want to see it on websites, too.

How Do You Use Animation In Web Design Properly?

Now, let’s talk about how you should use animation in web design. Most of the time, when people try to implement animation into their websites, they go overboard with it. This is where the problem lies.

Think about the following scenario: you are watching a video on a website. Suddenly, the video starts to move around on the page randomly – and not just a little movement, but a lot of movement. It’s a lot like the good old “scrolling” days, back when websites just scrolled up and down and didn’t have any sort of other purposes.

In a way, it is just like that. The website is trying to show you that your interaction matters, but all it’s really doing is drawing your attention away from the content that you want to see.

So, how do you use animation on your website in a meaningful way?

Well, here are a few tips for doing so:

  • Use animation only when it is essential to the interface
  • Avoid using animation for simple actions, like clicking a link or button
  • Don’t use animation for the sake of using animation
  • Use subtle animations; don’t use big, clunky animations
  • As you can see, the points above are fairly straightforward. 


Animation in web design is a complicated issue, but it can also be a good thing, especially when used properly. You should definitely consider using it on your website (provided it is a good fit for your website). If you want to ensure that you are using animation correctly for your website, feel free to reach out to a professional web designer for help! They know what works and what does not and will ensure that your website has just enough animation to make it better!

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