Getting people to visit your website isn’t always the hardest part. For most eCommerce websites, the main dilemma is getting people to actually buy something from your store. If you happen to notice that people are merely just poking around your site and not purchasing anything, then you may need to find what the problem is and make the necessary changes. Here are four reasons why your eCommerce website isn’t converting customers, according to Fox Web Creations, a Kansas City web designer.

  • Overpriced Products

This is perhaps the very first thing you can think of that might be the problem as to why people aren’t buying anything from your website. Online shoppers have the ability to quickly review multiple competing products, which means that your pricing needs to be competitive enough to attract customers. Ideally, it should be lower than your competitors. 

What you can do to solve this is to do your research and keep tabs on how much your competitors are pricing their products. If your prices are significantly higher than your competitor’s, then you may need to cut some of your prices down.

  • Lack of Trust

It’s only natural for consumers to be skeptical about any business that they encounter. It’s rare to find a consumer that would easily trust a company, especially if they know too little about them. The only solution is to build trust with your potential customers. This can only be achieved by showing them that other people trust you through testimonials, reviews, certifications, accreditations, and other forms of social proof.

Another way to build trust is to make your website look as professional as possible. Consumers are quick to judge if your website looks like it was built by an amateur. You need to provide quality content that would make your consumers trust a brand like yours.

  • Bad User Experience

Most Kansas City web designers will tell you about how great user experience is essential, especially for eCommerce sites. An example of a bad user experience is an unorganized website with “add to cart” buttons that are barely visible or limited payment options when checking out. You’re basically making it harder for customers to make a purchase. 

You need to take a step back and put yourself in your customer’s shoes by navigating through your website as if you’re a prospective customer. If you find it challenging to make just one quick purchase from your website, then you need to make some adjustments. Make sure that every customer will have a smooth transaction when making purchases.

  • Missing Value Proposition

As with any business, you need to have a unique edge that your competitors don’t have. If consumers don’t see any value from your products, they’d rather go to another store. Keep in mind that just because you see your product’s value doesn’t mean that others see it too.

You may need to get to know your target market more. What are their needs, and what they think is beneficial for them. You need to create a unique value proposition that they can only get from you. This value proposition should be evident in the headline, product descriptions, and images throughout your website.


If you have an online business and wonder why people don’t buy your product, you need to take some time and look at the cause of the problem. From adjusting your prices to building trust with your customers, these reasons are there for you to fix and make your website a profitable one. 

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